Flex Tower, New York by Paolo Venturella

Flex Tower, New York by Paolo Venturella

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Flex tower, new york by paolo venturella

2040. Population in New York City grows over and over. Inhabitants are more than expected and an original innovative typology appears in the city.

Even if carbon emission has to reduce, the use of energy increases. High rise is the only answer. A solution combining housing and energy systems for a sustainable living starts to be built in various parts of the city.

Flex tower, new york by paolo venturella

In order to avoid an uncontrolled invasion of photovoltaic panels all over the city, the new typology perfectly combines the need of the moment.

Flex tower, new york by paolo venturella

Since photovoltaic panels need a tilted surface oriented to the sun, this typology tilts and rotates itself. At the ground level the building respects the Manhattan’s grid while in a higher level the shape rotates facing the sun allowing panels to display correctly.

Flex tower, new york by paolo venturella

The “FlexTower” combines the rotation and the flex in an appropriate 30 degrees angle facing the sun.
The façade works at the same time as structure and as performative skin.

The structure is a unique steel frame all exterior the building. This allows to realize the very original shape challenging gravity and also to create an interior space completely free from structural elements.

Flex tower, new york by paolo venturella

The skin is designed so to create a unique envelope, an intelligent system made by different modules. At the top the most is made in photovoltaic and looks denser while at the bottom photovoltaic evanescens and becomes less dense.

Thanks to the “Flex Tower” the aspect of the city mutates. The classic skyline historically grown up as the extrusion of the plot converts to a new direction.

New Yorkers find their own space and a sustainable lifestyle..

Project Data:
Location: New York, USA
Type: Competition
Year: 2014
Architect: Paolo Venturella
Team Design: Cosimo Scotucci, SolarShapeSystem



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