Flower House / Paul Kaloustian

Flower House / Paul Kaloustian

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Flower house / paul kaloustian

Architect’s Statement: The site is kept without landscaping and without fencing thus diluting the project into the pine tree forest around.

Our design proposal was to discard the idea of building a mass on the site and instead to make the house disappear. The house became underground arranged around a big courtyard.

Flower house / paul kaloustian

The land is instead left to be appropriated by the client (jogging, picnic, napping, horse riding etc). The house is a corridor like space around a big courtyard covered with flowers. The program of the house revolves around the courtyard that allows light, rain and wind to enter freely into the project.

Flower house / paul kaloustian

The courtyard is presented as a landscape that is radically different with a “flower” floating roof filtering light and white gravel floor shaped by transparent curved surfaces that somehow create blured boundaries.

Flower house / paul kaloustian

the courtyard becomes more a planted roof that an open sky, the landscape becomes colorful flowers hanging at 2.8m over a stone garden.

Project Details:
Location: Beit Mery. Lebanon
Type: HousesResidential
Architects: Paul Kaloustianwww.paulkaloustian.com
Land Area: 5000m2
Area: 864m2
Interior Area: 537m2
Design: 2012


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