From nature to architecture – Aryanour Djalali

From nature to architecture - Aryanour Djalali

This talk was given at a local TEDx event in Barcelona. Aryanour Djalali shows various examples where architects inspired themselves by nature to design buildings. Designing with nature in mind creates functional and beautiful buildings.

From architecture to archinature.

Aryanour DJalal (1975) is originary from Palma de Mallorca and Iranian descendant. Degree at Polytechnical University of Catalonia. He worked in the studio of Enric Miralles and Joan Busquets. He learned at the University of Delft (Holland) “architecture is something more that boxes, are buildings that rotates that hugs and speak each other”.

From the year 2000 he leads his studio in Barcelona with and extended influence to a lot of Mediterranean countries, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Aryanour, work together with a creative multidisciplinary team, which has contributed to the creations of value added products and, in consequence, the success of the projects.

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