Fusion – New Possibilities Made Possible by Architecture



As designing and architecture leap forward with changing times, land constraints and it’s high demands due to limited resource grow even more with the growing population. Optimized utilization of land with more than one purpose has given birth to a mixed form of its use. Through centuries, things which have remained unchanged is architecture’s ingenuity to make it happen. In today’s time when all places are assumed to house everything in one place, it marks the beginning of an age when design would change this movement and create new dimensions.

Fusion – New Possibilities Made Possible by Architecture

Designing has the power to mold functions of a place and make it capable of delivering all at once. We mark this advent of creating spaces like these that will define new dimensions in land use and function of a building/space. Fusion will be a sprint award where we honour projects which bent the use of architecture as a tool to merge diverse uses and giving birth to spaces that are entirely new.

Fusion aims to spread awareness about these small yet powerful innovations that make architecture possible and the efforts of designers who make them. Fusion is
a part of A4A (A for Architecture ‘20 Awards).


Early Registration ends: 15th August 2022

Standard Registration ends: 31st October 2022

Submission ends: 02nd November 2022

Public Voting starts: 15th August 2022

Public Voting ends: 31st October 2022

Result Announcement: 15th December 2022


TO know more go to the competition page:- https://competitions.uni.xyz/fusion