Gokturk 118, Istanbul / CM Mimarlik

Gokturk 118, istanbul / cm mimarlik

Project Details:
Location: Gokturk, Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey
Type: Residential
Architects: CM Mimarlik
Design Team: Cem Sorguç (Founder, Head Architect)
Project Team: Sezin Ergene, Yildiz Arican, Amina Rezoug, Tolga Yagli

This Project was designed as two separated blocks located on adjacent plots with different regulations, merging to a corner. The two blocks with different heights 12.5 m and 15.50 m, has been unified regarding their facade clearances. Within the evolving facade of the Çamlık Street in the last 10 year, these blocks were injected with a cynic eccentricity to the existing pattern. The form emerges from the meeting of the two separately perceived prisms. The entrance of the blocks is from the Sedef Street perpendicular to the Çamlık Street and both blocks are connected from this entrance.

Gokturk 118, istanbul / cm mimarlik

Zones like living room, bedroom, study room and kitchen are all aligned on the same façade. Each of these interiors requires different scales of openings. This crowd and mixture of interiors is organized in a way to be not recognized from the exterior. The rigid rhythm and shadow games of the facade shaped the material choices. Glass mosaic accompanied with plaster and paint were designated as facade materials. The glass mosaic appears as a maintenance free sustainable material with the concern of clearing its disreputable past.

Gokturk 118, istanbul / cm mimarlik

The blocks consist of 32 residential units with various sizes and commercial units facing the Çamlık Street, in addition many common usage facilities are provided within the building. Making use of the level differences a courtyard and surrounding gardens are created.

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