GrowCube – Smart Automatic Watering Kit

After vacation of only a couple of days we get back to our homes only to found our lovely greenery upset and out of shape.

It happened to all of us.

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Due to the lack of water and attention, they wither, turn yellow or even go away altogether, certainly an unhappy scenario for all involved.

To this problem, GrowCube is the solution, born from the passion of amateur garden enthusiasts, this little white box thingy uses Arduino programming to solve a simple problem: watering. The GrowCube also does this smartly, using moisture sensors placed in at the root of the problem, the smart watering kit knows when a plant needs water and serves it right away.

The design started in 2017 and took no less than 5 years to mature but today, paired with an exclusive app, it provides professional simple watering methods for those who enjoy growing plants.

GrowCube Obtains soil moisture information for plant growth in real-time through reliable soil moisture sensors. It performs tens of thousands of calculations on various common soil environments, the validity of the data obtained by the sensor can be guaranteed to a great extent.

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In today’s world, no hardware can ever be really smart without it’s app. The app designed for GrowCube can control each plant and each device, provides a massive plant database entry, containing a total of 3000+ common plants. Select the plant you are planting on the APP, and then let GrowCube take over your plant and officially start the smart watering plan dedicated to the plant, simple and efficient!

It goes without saying that there’s more to the GrowCube than this but the Kickstarter page explains it all through video far better than a wall of text so without further ado, we invite you to cast a glance on the project’s page and get your plant care to the next level.

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