HAVEN / NAS architecture


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Haven / nas architecture

Haven is a pavilion that uses the memory of the place to create his own contemporary heritage. Stuck in the monolithic density of Aigues-Mortes, this installation contrast by its materiality, like an unexpected guest gently protecting the city.

Haven / nas architecture

Haven is a place of serenity, withdrawal and tranquility. Nestled on the ramparts of Aigues Mortes, the pavilion hang the existing walls, creating an outgrowth based on a truncated volume. This shell of wood comes to marry the mineral materiality of place, like a reminiscence of ancient installations.
The interior passage is intended as a space for contemplation and experimentation.

Haven / nas architecture

The game of the differents cutted plans come to filter the light and provide an unexpected wood tunnel.
Haven is visible by all from the outside but offers a more intimate and sensory experience on the inside.

Haven / nas architecture

The construction of the pavilion was an impressive challenge. The aim was to make the pavilion like floating on the wall. Using the existing rate of holes in the rampart, the main structure was sized to fit perfectly with them. The arches were created with thin plates of plywood, every one is different from the other, creating a twisting galerie on the inside and a sculptural shape on the outside.

Project details:
Location: Aigues-Mortes, France
Area: 25 sqm
Client: National Monuments Centre
Architects: NAS architecture
Team: Hadrien BALALUD DE SAINT JEAN, Guillaume GIRAUD, Johan LAURE


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