How to prevent office chair from rolling?

For people who want to know how to stop office chair from rolling, I suggest using a desk mat. Some people may remove the wheels but you will need them to move around the desk easily. So, using desk mats is an effective way to stop unnecessary movement. You can find thick grippy plastic area …

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Are multi-function tilt locks any good?

Multi-function tilt locks allow you to lock your seat at different angles. While it is not a necessity, it is a great feature for those who work on more than one PC simultaneously and need to switch screens. If you are a gamer or a video editor, chairs with multi-function tilt lock mechanisms can save …

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Can you raise office chair without lever?

While modern office chairs have a lever to adjust the height, the older ones don’t have that mechanism. But that doesn’t mean you cannot change positions easily or raise the seat. If you are wondering how to raise office chair without lever, know that most non-pneumatic chairs have a lock that prevents the user from …

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What Is A Pedenza?

For people who require extra side storage, a pedenza can be attached to create space for more files and electronic gadgets. Briefly speaking, it is a desk extension that typically has two drawers- one centralized locking filer, and a shelf with a sliding door system.

Can Home Office Desks Be Repaired?

The main issues that these desks face are uneven legs due to corrosion or desktop damage. However, finding services that fix furniture at an affordable price is quite challenging, so you should find desks with good customer service or repair clauses. Lastly, the cost of repair will depend on the intensity of the damage and …

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How To Look For A Desk With Large Storage Space?

If you want larger storage space and a work surface, look for additional shelves and cubby holes. Likewise, a tall, narrow side compartment can help to store the CPU and other computer elements. Purchasing a desk with drawers on both sides is also a good option, but ensure it doesn’t compromise legroom. And you can …

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Should You Choose A Glass Or Metal Desk Top?

Available in various shapes and sizes, a glass top can offer a modern look to any space by creating an illusion of light and free space. It’s also easy to clean, repair or relocate to different rooms. However, glass tops can break and incur scratches, unlike metal tops which are extremely durable. So, if you …

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Are Laminate Desk Tops Better Than Plain Wooden Ones?

Wooden tops are the most traditional yet elegant desktop preference, but they often require more maintenance and care to prevent any damage to the finish. This is why a laminate layer on the wood is preferred for ensuring resistance to stains and warps. However, a laminate desktop may not look as luxurious as a plain …

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Which Is The Best Wood For Desks?

If you want to add an expensive look to your home office, go for maple or cherry. Maple is more durable than cherry, but it is also difficult to repair and remodel. So, for optimal efficiency, I suggest purchasing an oak desk, as the material is durable yet inexpensive. Moreover, it has been used for …

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What Are Different Wood Options For A Home Office Desk?

While choosing the desk material, you should see if it can withstand a substantial weight and complement the aesthetic of the home office. As such, the most commonly used wood varieties for this purpose are oak, walnut, cherry, and maple. Oak and walnut wood are ideal for durability and hardness, while cherry and maple are …

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What Are The Common Desk Shapes?

Most household desks are rectangular in shape with sturdy legs to support the weight of books and equipment. But some people prefer U-shaped desks for their home office, especially for  more organizational and collaborative purposes. And many luxury designer brands manufacture circular or oval-shaped desks today. However, you should consider your preferences and available room …

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What Are The Standard Dimensions For A Home Office Desk?

Most office desks are 48 to 72 inches wide and 30 inches tall, with an average depth ranging from 24 to 36 inches. These are typical dimensions; however, to find the right office desk, you need to ensure that it complements the size of the designated home office. To learn more about home office dimensions, …

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Who Is The Varidesk Electric Standing Desk For?

If you want a comfortable, productive, and customizable work environment, I suggest investing in the Vari Electric Standing Desk. It is ideal for a large number of people and professionals. From business owners who prefer having high-quality products to students who need a desk with enough desk space, Vari’s Electric Desk caters to all.

Why Are Standing Desks Better Than Sitting Desks?

Though a recent study from the Harvard Medical School shows that a standing desk is unlikely to promote any weight loss, there are other reasons why standing desks are beneficial. Research shows that after a meal, blood sugar levels tend to return to normal faster on days when a person spends more time standing. Standing …

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By what other names are mechanical pencils found in the market?

A local stationary shop owner might often give you a confused look when you enquire about “mechanical pencils.” These pencils are known by different names, and often the technical term may baffle a shopkeeper. These pencils are sometimes called technical pencils, drafting pencils, propelling pencils, or clinky pencils. They may also be referred to as …

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Why are the pencils called GraphGear 500 and 1000?

Pentel is a Japanese company. The names of its two pencils – GraphGear 500 and 1000 are kept in accordance with the price of these items in Japanese currency, Yen. The GraphGear 500 pencil costs 500 Yen, and the GraphGear 1000 model is priced at around 1000 Japanese Yen.

What Is The Best Way To Oil Digital Calipers?

If you’re wondering how to oil a digital caliper, the best way is to use a soft cloth, dip it in oil, and gently wipe the steel areas. However, make sure not to put any oil on the scale and wipe away any excess oil using a clean cloth. 

Should Digital Calipers Be Calibrated Regularly?

Being one of the most commonly used tools for precision measurements, regular calibration is essential to keep your digital calipers in good working condition. It ensures that the measurements are accurate, readings are correct, and helps ensure conformance with various industry standards. 

What’s the difference between vernier calipers and digital calipers?

The good thing about vernier calipers is that they are quite sturdy and are not sensitive to magnets or water like the digital ones. However, digital calipers are easy to reset to zero, while vernier ones are difficult to calibrate.  Probably the biggest difference between the two is that digital calipers provide the fastest reading …

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