How can you clean your fountain pen more efficiently?

The simplest way of cleaning cartridge-filled or converter fountain pens is by disassembling the entire pen and washing each piece under the water. Here is a simple step-to-step guide for cleaning a fountain pen: 

Step 1: Disassembling 

In the first step, we recommend disassembling the fountain pen into four major components. Notably, the four major components of a fountain pen are the lid, body, feed, and cartridge/converter. 

Step 2: Wash The Feed Under Running Water 

Since the pen’s nib is attached to the feed, you will need to use running water to clean it properly. Let the water run down the feed to the nib for a while, as it will wash off any residual ink-build up or gunk. Once you notice the water turning clear, you can dry the feed and wet nib with a clean cloth. 

Step 3: Wash Other Components With Water 

For the other components, you don’t require running water since they can easily be washed in still water. After you have cleaned the other parts thoroughly, we recommend letting them dry for some time. If you don’t let them dry, any remaining water inside the components can dilute the ink and result in other problems while writing. 

Step 4: Reassemble 

Lastly, you will need to reassemble the components and fill the cartridge or the converter with ink. You should also test the pen to see if it is working properly and if there is no interruption to the ink flow.

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