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A wrench doesn’t pose the safety hazards of a power saw or other power tool, but you can still hurt yourself if you aren’t mindful of basic safety guidelines.

  • Don’t strike a wrench with a hammer or other object to gain force.
  • Don’t push on the wrench, which can lead you to slip. Instead, you should pull the wrench towards you.
  • Never use a wrench on moving machinery.
  • Be sure an adjustable wrench is in full contact with the nut before turning it.
  • Stand with your legs slightly spread for better balance should the wrench slip. This can help you avoid a fall.
  • Match the size of the wrench to the size of the fastener. A wrench that’s too big is likelier to slip.
  • Pull smoothly on the wrench. Avoid jerky motions, which can cause the wrench to slip.
  • Don’t add a pipe or other “sleeve” to a wrench’s handle to increase leverage.
  • Never use a wrench that’s broken, bent, or worn.

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