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14 Best Basement Flooring Options Right Now

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Colors That Go With Gray and How to Decorate With Gray


When it comes to decorating or painting your house, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is what color to use to make your rooms look elegant. The shades of gray have grown in popularity over the years leaving behind white and beige. Some of the world’s best designers have been in awe …

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20 Types of Doors for Your Future Home

Types of doors

How often do you find yourself thinking about your front door? We bet it’s not very often… and that’s quite unfortunate, don’t you think?  Because first impressions matter. And needless to say, it is your front door which gives the first and last impression.  But that’s not all a front door does.  When thinking about …

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14 Best Basement Flooring Options Right Now

Basement flooring options

Finding the most suitable flooring for your basement can rapidly turn into a research project, leaving you confused and indecisive. There are several factors at play because basements are usually dark, cold, and damp places that have seen the least improvement in the entire house. Also, they’re prone to flooding and water damage. Therefore, it’s …

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8 Things You Don’t Know About Quartz Countertops

8 things you don’t know about quartz counter-tops (4)

Quartz countertops can be a great addition to any modern home. More durable than regular stone tops, these can be cost-effective and durable. However, as most homeowners will testify, quartz countertops differ significantly from natural stone countertops. Quartz countertops are primarily made of artificially conglomerated stone, which comprises natural quartz mixed with plastic resins as …

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What is a Heat Pump and What You Need to Know

What is a heat pump and what you need to know

With the colder months right around the corner, you might just be in the market looking for something more than only sheets and blankets to keep yourself warm. But with the temperatures nearing and at times surpassing 0 degrees, closed windows and blankets can never truly be enough. Sure! You can invest in an artificial …

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Learn What Taupe Color is and How You Should Actually Use It

Learn what taupe color is and how you should actually use it

Ever heard of the taupe color? We wouldn’t be surprised if you answered “no” because this too falls under the category of colors that are hard to define. Yes, by hard to define we mean taupe is a color that is in line with names like chartreuse, Mikado, Xanadu, and others. Despite being tough to …

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What Color is Teal and How You Can Use It in Your Home Decor

What color is teal and how you can use it in your home decor 1

Teal is a color that you may or may not have heard about. The best way to describe this color would be to say that it is a deeper variant of the blue-green color, which is similar to cyan, but a bit darker. Doesn’t ring a bell? Imagine turquoise, a name that is often used …

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Architecture or Achiterror | 13 Challenges Every Architect Faces Today

Architecture or achiterror

Becoming successful in any profession is never a very smooth ride. Similarly, the profession of architecture does involve plenty of struggles. Hence, to make a name for yourself in this field, you need to know about the challenges you will face and prepare yourself accordingly. And that’s where we come to your rescue – by …

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Different Types of Bathtub Materials to Consider to Uplift Your Home Value

Different types of bathtub materials to consider to uplift your home value 1

Like every other room in your home, the bathroom too should be ingeniously designed, stylish. It is a place where you spend the most important period of your day to refresh yourself, a place in which you relax your body. A bathroom with appealing textured walls, good materials, and soothing colors, gives a relaxing experience. …

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Learn How to Protect Your Roof and Home from Water Damage

Learn how to protect your roof and home from water damage

A well-built house is a basic necessity, it is known and while buying a house takes off this major burden off your shoulders, it is only the beginning of a great responsibility as home owning is like a superpower, with great power comes great responsibility, with a home come many worries regarding maintenance. The house …

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