11 Tips and Tricks for Hosting the Perfect Get-Together 

There are two points to getting a house in your bachelorhood. First, you get seemingly infinite freedom to get on with your life and second, you become the “go-to” person for hosting parties.

However, adult parties are scary affairs.

In college, we can put a party together with beer pong and fries, but, afterward? You have to bring your A-game. There are colleagues to impress, bosses to you and relationships to build.

So, what does a bachelor do? I mean sure, you bring in the food and be all nice and friendly but, mostly, these affairs are confusing. What does the average not-so-young group like? How do we hide our dirty laundry? What do we bring to eat?

Fear not, with these tips and tricks; you would be party ready in no time.

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Tips and Tricks for Hosting the Perfect Get-Together

  1. No one likes dirty linen

I know your mom probably brought the line about being too busy at the office, but, your workmates won’t. A day before the party, you should get yourself into laundry mode, and even if you don’t clean that huge build-up of dirty underwear, do clean the tablecloths and bed sheets.

Why? Cause there’s nothing shabbier than that curry stain on your dining table.

Get your dirty laundry in a proper basket and put it in place. Don’t worry; your mates are no longer kids, you won’t have dirty underwear fights anymore.

  1. Clean your bathroom

Look people are going to visit it sooner or later. It’s probably better to have something that makes the bathroom smells lovely. Establish basic rules with the guests too. No one should dirty the floor of your bathroom.

Also, you need to dry up your bathroom floor, yes, I know you weren’t taught that, but, chances are, most of your colleagues have been. So get the mops out.  It will also be a huge plus point if you can air out the bathroom and get the stench of the bachelorhood out. You are a grown person now; you might as well act like it.

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  1. Ask about drinks

This is a no-brainer. In simpler times, two bottles of Jack would have sufficed to be called a party. Now, you need something more. Get people’s opinions, call up your friends and stock up your fridge. If this feels weird, just be happy that you’re not going to be roaming the city at midnight searching for alcohol anymore.

This also shows the respect you have for your friends. Now, most people would probably say, “Whatever you like!” Know this though; they appreciate you asking.

Also, this is a prime time to designate the drivers who will be taking the drunken people back.

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  1. Get it pretty

We all kind of put the dream catchers in a box and forgot about them. Now is the time to bring them outside. The morning of the party is for setting up centerpieces. Get out those light bamboo chairs and the china centerpieces. If you’re going for a homely feel, get some flowers.

Put up dream catchers on the wall and probably on the door.

Wind chimes might be a good addition too. It might hurt at first, but, perhaps you could hide your “Sports illustrated” poster away for the evening.

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  1. The cutlery

I know right? When was the last time you used the large dinner set your mom gave to you before moving? Well, today you will. Get the silverware out of boxes, and set the glass bowls in the tables. Don’t worry; your new-found friends are not going to break them. In fact, they’d appreciate the gesture.

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  1. The food

The first thing to run out is always the finger food. Get yourself as much frozen food as you like and fry them in an air fryer. Why an air fryer? Because older people do not appreciate oil as much as they used to back in the day, and you are likely to get burnt if you go the pan route (yes, your mother’s lessons would have been helpful).

Plus, it shows your healthy habits and concerns without you having actually to create heaps of salad decorations. Do not microwave delivered food, ask someone to cater, or make good food yourself. You are already halfway there anyway.

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  1. The Small Talk

Unless you want to induce the collective groan resonating across the world, avoid politics. Let the wine do the talking. Shoot the breeze with juicy celebrity gossip or simple soccer talk. Do NOT talk shop. It’s polite to let colleagues rest their heads away from the office, and you should not be the one bringing it up.

If any debate gets very intense, bring out the food. I believe that world peace can be achieved with pies and macaroons, and in the absence of them, maybe even fried chicken.

Do not butt into foreign topics. It was not cool in college, and it is less likely to be cool now.

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  1. Wear Semi-formal clothes

I know it’s a task to dress up at your home and you would rather be wearing your shorts. But, you have people to meet and impress. As a host, you decide the mood. Wear your jeans and shirts. Don’t make it uncomfortably casual, but, avoid being so formal that others start thinking it’s a Top Hat and Tie variety of dinner.

Asking people to be barefoot is completely alright inside your home. Remember you make the rules.

  1. Keep slippers handy

People who use the bathroom will need slippers. So, my advice? Keep an extra pair near the washroom door. Plus, you can insist on small comfy slippers for yourself. You know it looks good and helps you when you have to walk around your house all night entertaining guests.

It might help if you can take your socks and put them in the sock drawer instead of inside your shoes. There are things that people needn’t be familiar with, and foot sweat is definitely one of them.

  1. Get Air Mattresses

At this point, you’ve done it all. Your friends have marveled at your cooking skills, and how healthy your lifestyle is. They have appreciated the cleanliness and adored your careful decoration.

Now, as the night draws to a close, some of them would stay over. Get the spare room, and get the mattresses there. Remember, sleeping in is better than drinking and driving. Get yourself some sleep too.

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Phew! What a night huh?

That’s it! Follow the simple tips, and you can have yourself a proper get-together that does not end up being a mock-up of college days. You can end your long night with a tall glass of water and say goodbye to your guests before you go get yourself all the rest you need.

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