How Exquisite Parisian Luxury Furniture Can Get!

The French influence is still considered to be the dominant influence on the art and culture of this wide world. And when it comes to architecture or interior decor, the Parisians seemed to have single-handedly redefined the meaning of the word “style.”

So, what comes to mind when we hear the words “French luxury furniture?” There’s no denying that we think about elaborate designs and intricate details and absolutely spectacular vintage furniture, unique in form and design. So much so that it is still hailed higher than most contemporary designs.

However, the present scenario is getting us to a haven of an enchanting mix of classic and contemporary style that accentuates the French methodology to the highest degree, yet keeping it comfortably modern.

This exquisite blend of the touch of vintage and modern aesthetics is run on a calculative layout- a set ratio and proportion of just the right elements which is laid in a delicate balance. This balance is what makes these designs come alive.

How Exquisite Parisian Luxury Furniture Can Get

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The Essence of the French Style

On these lines, it is all the more important to mention about the color schemes of such layouts which provides them with their identity. The color scheme of French designs is what infuses the quintessential element of the final specification.

It tells us of their origin and the uncountable years of risky experimentation and developments that went into define and redefine the structural integrity of French designs.

It is notably marked by an ethereal softness and subtlety of hues that seem to melt away into other tones, forming an intricate pattern-web of expressions.

The Final Expression

Well, by now we think that we have been able to give you an idea of all the essential elements that come together to bring about a single complete design. Every design in itself or even a fragment is complete in itself.

This is precisely what makes French designs unique. You cannot pick a piece, no matter where it belongs to, and call it incomplete because of all the things it stands for.

The final expressions of such designs are extensively witnessed in the glamorous and plush furniture lavished up with lux fabric textures and weaves, ornate wood carvings and lush cushions and bedding.

The modern mix brings about rich and resplendent new patterns that has been opening stunning ranges of minimalist designs reflecting the eccentric and raw beauty of classical French designs.

Authentic Parisian and French designs celebrate its roots tangled beautifully in gorgeous and simply breathtaking moldings, bewitching crystal chandeliers, and stunning furnishings. But, this wonderful list doesn’t end here alone.

The timeless wonders of gilded bronze and parquet floorings are some of the contributions that we would always be grateful to the skilled French craftsmanship for.

These eclectic, distinct yet shockingly complementary elements have given us what we call the quintessential Parisian or French design for interior decors that redefines style by the day, by the era, by the generation, always.

The art of juxtaposing the disparates

The art and skill of bringing together two completely disparate elements and fusing them in a perfectly harmonious equation have, fortunately for us, developed at its own pace over the span of decades. It could actually be compared to the natural flow of a stream that takes all of the rocks and natural debris, breaking them down to deposit fertile soil at the riverbed.

And this final soil is the fertile plain of creativity, teeming with countless ideas waiting to find individual expression in art.

Along these lines, we might say that the impact of millions of ideas from all over the globe on the traditional French pattern has brought about beautiful disparity and stunning diversity in form and design.

The impact that these ideas have had on the classical layouts have shaped the form of French minimalist designs for not only the interior decor arena but for every decorative design that you see around you in domestic and commercial spheres alike.

Decoding the art of French furniture designs

When we’re talking about the fusion of classical and modern French designs, and since we’ve already mentioned minimalist expressions brought about by disparate elements, we would go on ahead with discussing all the different textures that work up the real magic.

Modernism, when it emerged, had found a true lover in French classical designs which welcomed it with open arms. Modernist fragments go exquisitely with traditional French designs. This gave birth to streamlined pieces that reflected an edgy pattern, which is then juxtaposed with timelessly elegant and detailed moldings for high Parisian ceiling and pillars.

Cooler textures such as glass, marble, or poured concrete can be used to define beautiful new concepts by offsetting them with vintage furniture.

Set de 3 pieces de decoration en verre cristal clair 24 pyramidale

Basic elements of the French style

Glass and crystal decoration pieces especially can turn heads. One such stunning piece is the Deco Ananas in Clear Glass  by Pacific Compagnie. This is a clear glass showpiece that is shaped like a pineapple with solid cut brass leaves. This is one of the most spectacular specimens of the hybridization between modern and vintage designs that are brought to perfection by the skilled craftsmanship of Pacific Compagnie.

Deco ananas in clear glass with leaves in brass finish 24 ananas

It beautifully compliments and accentuates the rest of the French decor of the place. But the one thing that it does is play with the natural lights scattering it beautifully across the space!

Rugs and carpets are another way of adding a posh touch to the entire setting, especially if you have an existing vintage or dated piece of furniture from before.

Sofas and couches

Team up delicate antique showpieces with vibrant modern objects for creating a shockingly beautiful contrast. And when it comes to sofa sets, you could upholster one in the old French way and go on to couple it up with a sleek, glass-topped or varnished coffee table.

And to solve the “sofa-situation” for you, we’re gonna be talking about two sofa models that are totally eclectic and marvelous in design and style. They flatter that perfect expression of French artistry in your home decor.

One is the sofa with 2 modules in smokey fabric (Zendo) by Pacific Compagnie. As the name suggests, this is a beautiful dual-module sofa that comes in a dignified smokey steel grey tone. This is a fine example of how the correct balance of structure and colors comes together to give you just the perfect addition to the overall look.

Sofa with 2 modules lotus textile smokey finish 48 zendo 1

The unique blend of modernist and traditional styles makes this a self-referential design that fits literally every kind of decor.

Sofa 4 seaters in fabric finishing young category b 39 oboe

The other one that we had selected is the 4-seater sofa (Oboe), which in our opinion reflects the glamorous, elaborate, and opulent ways of the French lifestyle! This magnificent plush sofa has all the elements of the traditional French expression reflected in the weave and texture of its fabric and overall material. At the same time, it has also been fused with the subtle components of a futuristic approach that’s witnessed in its sleek design and clear lines. This celebrates the versatility of its form.


One simply cannot expect to have a finished and completed French decor home space if they haven’t upgraded the lights to match the those beautiful interiors. Lighting, especially in French decor, can single-handedly make or break a look.

One of the most wonderful options over here to go for is a dazzling vintage chandelier overlooking a modern decor. You could go for traditional wall lamp casings or shades and rest assured it will compliment even the barest of interior styles.

The effect brought about by such ethereally beautiful patterns changes the aura of the space, especially after the sun goes down and have a tremendous impact on mood and well-being, lifting up the exhausted spirit to new highs!

Colors and tonal-variations

Play safe with neutrals! For those of us who swear by bold, bright, and popping colors, it could be a bit tricky to manage the color situation when it comes to French furnishing and decor. This is because the real beauty of French expressionism lies in the subtlety of its palette.

Subdued tones and soft pastel shades provide French luxury decor with its essence and appeal.

You could consider opting for softer and feminine tonal variations that are currently in demand such as pistachio, marshmallow, praline, pear, or lemon. These “delicious” shades bring in a fun and flirty, modern touch to the more severe traditional designs.

Monochromatic layerings done in shades of grays, chalky greens, blues or warm linen tones work brilliantly for modernistic touches.

Cabinet in polished brass tubes that wrap an exotic wooden structure 145 symphony 1

The Parisian Razzle and Dazzle

A particular tonal texture that has always been an unmatched beauty regarding French designs is that of bold metallics. Unabashed shades of dazzling golds and shimmering silvers have presided over the color scheme of French and Paris decor styles since time immemorial. And this is what redefines the modern color pattern for most interior decor scenario.

One such bewitching piece of immensely stylish furnishing is the Polished Brass Tube-Cabinet by Pacific Compagnie. This is an exotic and fresh new design for a wardrobe that aces the game in French hybrid minimalism for interior decor accents.

This possesses polished brass accents that cover a textured wooden wardrobe panel structure. It is simply a stunning structural arrangement that not only amplifies the beauty of the space with its presence but also serves as an incredibly functional unit.

Mantles, mouldings, and statues

There are but few things that spell “French” or “Parisian” as quintessentially as moldings and sculptures of otherworldly beauty. If you do have the bucks to shell out on the perfect French interior decor and furnishing, then we’d always advise you to invest some in marble moldings or maybe a simple mantle. This is one element that sets the look apart, taking your senses and spirits right back to that enchanting place of mystical beauty!


So that was our take on how exquisite Parisian Luxury Furniture can get. It’s important for the reader to understand the origins of the influence and its subsequent development in order to decode every single style that the French artistry has given to us.

We hope you liked what you read.

We’ll be back with more!

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