How prepared is New York City for future superstorms?

House Paddington / Architect Prineas
© Mikkel Frost

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How prepared is new york city for future superstorms?
The network of New York City’s stormproofers / Illustration © Alistair Dixon/Guardian

Two years after Hurricane Sandy – New York’s most devastating storm in a century – is the city any safer?

That was the question with which I began this series, Stormproofing the City – to find the answer, I interviewed the people employed to prepare our cities for future natural disasters.

Six interviews later, we have reached the series’ end – but I cannot give you a simple “yes” or “no”. Such a giant, multifaceted question demands more nuance than that. For instance, we may be safer from storms – but are we safe from heat waves? And we may have federal Sandy relief money to spend on resilience now – but what happens when that’s money’s gone? And is it even possible to fully stormproof a city?

So instead of a tidy bow, here are eight key takeaways from the series. By the end, you should have enough context to arrive at your own answer – be it “yes”, “no”, or “it’s complicated”. ….


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