How to build a home from recycled materials

How to build a home from recycled materials
Cabin in the woods: Bruce Campbell, of Portland, Oregon, has turned a recycled Boeing 727 into a living space, complete with furniture, shower and cooking facilities / © Incredible Features – Barcroft Media

We may grumble when we put out the bins, but we all love recycling. Those empty wine bottles that are going to be reincarnated as full ones. The old Christmas cards that will be pulped then come back as newspapers. They make us feel as if we are doing our bit for the planet.

So a property made from recycled materials, whether wholly or partly, already has an inbuilt feel-good factor. Perhaps the window frames have been constructed from recycled wood. Or the funky, metallic light fittings started life in a car factory. It is the kind of thing that savvy estate agents would emphasise, and prospective purchasers note with approval.

Recycling could also mean a huge financial saving. With property prices rocketing, there is naturally a premium on low-cost house-building solutions. Insulating material for the loft does not need to be top-of-the-range. Kitchen cupboards do not need to be made from finest imported Scandinavian timber. There are possible shortcuts at just about every stage of the building process.