How to Properly Treat a Wooden Window

How to Properly Treat a Wooden Window

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How to properly treat a wooden window

Wooden windows can last a long time if they are taken care of properly. One of the unfortunate aspects of such windows is that they are susceptible to a great deal of damage, discoloration, and rot. This means that they need to be maintained quite regularly.

You should also keep the items near the wooden window clean. You should engage in frequent carpet cleaning to ensure that the dust and dirt does not spread to the window. There are specific ways that wood needs to be treated and not all substances and products can be used on the material. Here are some of the ways to correctly treat a wooden window:

Frequent Cleaning
Dirt, dust, or any other foreign particles should not be allowed to accumulate on wood surfaces. This is because these pollutants can embed themselves into the wood, making it very difficult to remove. Continued presence of impurities will also cause the wood to crack or warp. For dust and mild dirt, you can use water as a windows cleaning method. For mildew or mould you can use a very mild detergent with at neutral pH level. Do not use any harsh chemicals or any products that have not specified for wood use on the windows.

Painting and Finish
The exterior of wooden windows spend a lot of time being exposed to the elements. The continued exposure to rain, wind, and sunlight can cause the paint or the finish of the windows to crack and peel. The paint and the finish is what protects the wood from being damaged. This is why you should always touch up any parts that seem to be peeling. If large parts of the window have peeled away, you should remove the old layers and repaint the windows. You should remember to add a sealant to the wood to ensure that the paint job is maintained. You should invest in paint that is specifically supposed to prevent wood from harsh weather. Your windows will need less maintenance, then.

Removing Rot
The bottom of wooden windows are particularly susceptible to wood rot. This is why you should frequently check this area. Inspect for rot by prodding the bottom portion of the frame with a screwdriver. You do not have to replace the frame if you notice small portions of rot. You do have to remove all signs of the rot, however. This to prevent even further damage from occurring. Once you have removed all of the rot, replace the displaced portions with filler. Once the filler has dried, you should sand the filler until it is on level with the rest of the frame. You should then paint the window and replace it.

It is important to frequently check on your Calgary vinyl windows. For instance, when you have experienced a particularly bad bout of weather, your windows may be experiencing some damage. It is important to intervene early so that you do not have to replace the entire window. Get the advice and assistance of a professional if you are unsure of how to fix your wooden window.


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