How to turn your Living Room into an Epic Pillow Fort


How to turn your living room into an epic pillow fort

Architect Ben Pell remembers precisely when his two kids started building pillow forts, and it began with their Lego obsession: “There’s a moment when they go from seeing objects as solid to seeing things with an interior. First, they built towers by stacking, but then they start thinking about how the men can go inside. It’s a simple function of play, but it’s a mental switch. They weren’t interested in making things they could inhabit until their Lego men could inhabit things.”

Think Like An Architect

  • Sort your available pillows based on which ones are best for walls and which ones are a good for laying on inside the fort.
  • Identify which pieces of furniture you’re going to work with.
  • Figure out where the opening will go.
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