What You Need to Know and How to Use Cable Railings in Your Household

Cable railings add a sleek touch to usual railings, and its usage is gaining a lot of popularity with time. They not only add to the aesthetics of the house, but they are also sturdy and safe. It is essential to have a clear insight on how to install proper quality cable railings and what would be suitable for one’s house and budget.

What You Need to Know and How to Use Cable Railings in Your Home

Safety first

Before investing in your dream house, one needs to know what is best suited to their taste. Before noticing the flare and how it adds on to the look of the house, it is essential to focus on the safety. The ends of the cable railings are called ā€˜tensioners‘ or ā€˜fittings.’ These are used for anchorage, and they become the foundation of the railing. Since these are wires, there may be the necessity of tuning them, and making adjustments, in case the ends become loose or frail. Hence, it is vital to make smart choices and invest in the best.

Even though cable railings can be bought online and also could be DIY, it is advisable to call a professional as it helps in long-term longevity of the railings.


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Different fitting techniques

Hand railings have various methods by which they could be fitted, some could be done alone and some with the aid of an expert. Swaging, crimping, and self-locking fittings are certain types. Self-locking is the most favorable since they are DIY, and they could be modified quickly if needed.

However, it is very crucial to make sure that the anchorage is firm, which is the milestone of any successful installation of cable railings. They should be able to withstand any load and pressure, it goes without saying that the right wire handrail tensioner, is key.

Wire railings work very well for raised terraces, as it helps in an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The wire should be rigid, and this is dependent on tension, the spacing of posts, cable diameter, flexibility, etc. There are intermediate posts which are installed, and these should have proper spacing between them to ensure rigidity. Spacing also ensures that there is no wire deflection.

Cable fitting is essential while installing wire railings. One end of the wire is attached to the fitting while the other end to the post. For this, either tensioning or tension-free fittings could be used. Its main purpose is Anchorage.


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Keeping them cleanĀ 

Maintenance of these cable railings is extremely crucial. Freshwater is used most frequently, and it helps in keeping the railing-free of dirt and other contaminants. Other cleanings aids like pressure washed, stainless steel cleaner and penetrating oils could also be used to keep the wire railings clean.

When can you use them?

For ensuring safety purpose, often age-old designs are modified, and wire railings are incorporated into it. This ensures not only safety but also improves the aesthetics of the house.

How expensive is it?

Depending on the material that is used and the measurements, the costs of wire railings are decided. Wood framing is the least expensive and is a lot easier on the wallet than its steel or stainless-steel counterparts. It should also be made sure that if steel is used, it is galvanized as well as corrosion resistant.


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Advantages of wood frameĀ 

Wood frame gives a warm appearance, and also, the type of wood decides on the longevity of the wire railing. Stainless steel sleeves ensure that there is no damage caused to the frame.

Wood is not only versatile and cost-effective, but it also adds to the uniqueness of the dƩcor. There are various shades and patterns which could be used, and this gives a unique result. It is way cheaper than steel, composite, glass or iron rod railings.

Readily available, wood holds a lot of scopes to play around with a variety of designs. Timber can be shaped to various types of profiles and give a different look, killing the monotony of that of steel.

Unlike steel, wood also stays cooler in hot weather conditions, where the heat or direct sunlight can make things quite uncomfortable. This in combination with steel or other synthetic products also gives a great result. Oak, Mahogany are some of the examples of the types of wood which could be used. There are different shades available for each.


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Cable systemsĀ 

Among the various commercially available cable systems, few of them are worth mentioning. Specific points need to be kept in mind to decide on what is suitable for a person; the time required for installation, the cost-effectiveness and the space available.

Press and Latch System

The press and latch cable system is a straightforward installation process and requires very little time and workforce. It can be used for either for wood, stainless steel or steel straight run mounting. There are two available sizes, in 1/8″ and 5/32″.

Press and latch system

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The Seattle Bar System

This system is a new version of a previous system with bar holders. The bar holders are modified when compared to the previous system. This is available for both, floor, as well as side mounting and, are customizable.

The seattle bar system

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The Glass Adapter System

This gives a more elegant and luxurious look to your home or office dƩcor. It allows the installation of glass panels to the side of balcony or deck. Stainless steel glass adapter helps in connecting glass panels to the wall with a modern and safe connection.

The glass adapter system

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The Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Railing

This system is one of the sturdiest and safest to install. What makes this possible is the pyramidal shape and usage of screws. It is made of stainless steel with a satin finish and is perfect for poolside, gardens, balconies, etc.

The stainless steel spigot glass railing

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The Chicago Square System

This system is made out of square posts and glass clamps. They offer an industrial look to the surroundings and are available at the height of 36″ and 42″. It can be customized according to preferences. The two sizes of glass which this system can fit are 3/8″ and Ā½.”

The chicago square system

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The Virginia Round System

This system is quite modern and incorporates round posts and glass clamps. A top rail could also be purchased along with it. There are various heights as well as glass thickness which are available.

The virginia round system

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Advantages of investing in cable railingsĀ 

  • The advantage of being able to install cable railings in an already existing railing system is one of its plus points. This helps in cutting costs, significantly.
  • To save cost, one could use DIY railings, install the fence by oneself, buy discount coupons, etc.
  • It adds to the aesthetics of the house. Wire railings help in making mundane looking fences more pleasing and appealing to the eye.
  • Wire railings ensure safety and help in guarding high railings as well as spacing. It is necessary to invest in good quality railings.
  • The maintenance is very basic and does not involve a lot of hassle and hard work. Inexpensive adjustments make it very favorable.
  • It gives an unobstructed view from the balcony or the surrounding.

Disadvantages of wire railingsĀ 

  • Tensioners need adjustments occasionally, which when delayed may become hazardous.
  • It may not be favorable to every house design and may require some amount of planning and investment.
  • Since it is metal and wires, it can be hazardous to children residing in the house or even pets.
  • A good idea and an investment, wire railings have a long way to go in home as well as commercial spaces.





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