Hoxton Penthouse / Kirkwood McCarthy

Hoxton penthouse / kirkwood mccarthy

The design intent was to create a unified, functional and adaptable extension to the living area.

Working within strict conservation guidelines, Kirkwood McCarthy reused glazed panels and maintained the envelope line to achieve a seamless and indiscernible extension to the street elevation. Similar finishes and additional skylights were used to create the feeling of continuity.

Hoxton penthouse / kirkwood mccarthy

The original glazed façade line angled back to allow light deep into the living space. As the extension infill would hinder this occurrence, a new skylight to the extension was designed with an angled upstand to allow the afternoon and evening sun to cast internally and enliven the living area.

Hoxton penthouse / kirkwood mccarthy

The client required full adaptability of the existing dining area so that it could become a bedroom, study or additional living zone. Kirkwood McCarthy enclosed the space with translucent glass to one wall to maintain natural daylight levels, and acoustic pivot‐and‐slide doors to the main wall. The pivot‐and‐slide doors are lockable at any position and so a range of configurations are possible to control the privacy and function of this space.

The original building designed by E.W.Pugin is Grade II listed and the penthouse level was added in 2001 by Buschow Henley Architects.

Project Details:
Location: Hoxton Square, London, UK
Type: Residential
Architects: Kirkwood McCarthy – www.kirkwoodmccarthy.com

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