Hungry Neck House / The Raleigh Architecture Company

Hungry neck house / the raleigh architecture company

The Hungry Neck house home sits right in the middle of an old neighborhood in downtown Raleigh, NC, surrounded by busy thoroughfares and an assortment of frame houses from the 1930s and ‘40s.The thoroughfares suggested that the house “turn its back” on the street and focus on a huge, beautiful oak tree in the backyard. In the spirit of the neighborhood, however, a corner of the façade became a front porch overlooking the sidewalk. The owners, a young married couple, also enjoy the fact that their Modern house is helping to reinvigorate an old urban neighborhood that’s been overlooked for decades.

Hungry neck house / the raleigh architecture company

Joe Kwon loves privacy, cooking, and eco-friendly features. The solution is a modern, sustainable house with a state-of-the-art kitchen at its core, dining space that expands outdoors, and high glazing for privacy. A central skylight floods the interior with natural light.

Hungry neck house / the raleigh architecture company

For Mr. Kwon, this house is a place where he and his wife, Emily Meineke, can host fundraising dinners and entertain a steady steam of friends and family members. It’s also a place where he can practice his Korean mother’s recipes while she focuses on her dissertation.

The master suite on the second floor features a large porch overlooking the backyard.

Project Details:
Location: Raleigh, USA
Type: Residential – Houses
Area: 2050 sqf
Architects: The Raleigh Architecture Company
Photographs: Richard Leo Johnson, Atlantic Archives

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