Ikea Trotten Review

The Ikea Trotten is a basic yet functional standing desk with a manually operated height adjustment mechanism. It stands as a relatively inexpensive alternative to electric standing desks, and it can function as an everyday standing desk.

Standing desks are a relatively recent addition to the home office desks segment, promising many benefits such as a better posture and higher caloric burn.

The best standing desks are often of the hybrid sit-stand variety, promoting an active working habit. And when looking to purchase such pieces of furniture, you should consider several criteria like the operation, design, and price.

So, to see if it fits the bill of a sit-stand desk, I have reviewed the Ikea Trotten.

Ikea Trotten Review

Ikea trotten review

Assembly: Quick And Straightforward

The Trotten lacks any motorized components, which keeps assembly fairly straightforward. Included in the box is a set of brackets that attach the tabletop to the legs, the feet along with detailed instructions. All you need to bring for the assembly is a Phillips head screwdriver; the rest you can find in the box.

Ikea sends the Trotten in two separate boxes, one containing the desktop and the other with the legs, bolts, crank handle, and hardware like Allen wrenches. The standing desk can be assembled by putting the legs together and attaching them to the crank system. After this, the underframe can be connected to the tabletop using the included Allen wrenches and a screwdriver. 

Remember that the parts are heavy enough to damage the box they come in, so it’s important to handle the boxes with care.

Once I had all the tools ready, the assembly took half an hour at most. It’s worth mentioning that the manual contains numerous pictograms to clear any confusion that may arise during installation.

If you are short on time or can’t figure out how to assemble the standing desk, you can hire someone for this purpose. Ikea has partnered with a service known as Taskrabbit that provides assembly services. 

All you need to do is request a quote from the company before purchasing a product, which it sends via email. Once Taskrabbit has your confirmation, you can book its services online and pay once your desk is assembled.

Design: Functional, But Plain

The top of the Trotten is made from dense melamine foil-covered solid wood that features a plastic edging for a clinical and functional look. And since it is completely free of electrical components, the tabletop is not marred by holes to route wires through. That said, if your working setup has plenty of wires, the table may leave them exposed, causing potential cable management issues.

With a powder coating of epoxy and polyester, the steel underframe is quite sturdy and can support enough weight for setups of all types. Though it is only capable of lifting 110 pounds, it should not be an issue for most office working setups.

Featuring a width of 47-¼-inch and a depth of 27-½-inch, the Trotten is wide and deep enough to work on comfortably. The height can reach a maximum of 48 inches, while it can drop as far down as 28-⅜ inches in its sitting position. And despite its lightweight construction, even at maximum height, the Trotten remains fairly stable while working.

At its core, the design of the Ikea Trotten is simple, with two tabletop colors and two leg colors to a total of four color combinations. These colors include beige/anthracite, beige/white, white and white/anthracite. If you’re seeking heavy customization in a work desk, the Trotten offers precious little. This is particularly noticeable when compared to other standing desks like the Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk.

As far as working from home effectively goes, if your home office setup is analogue, the lack of a drawer can be a sore spot. Paperwork and stationery needs a lot of space to store, and the Trotten has no way to accommodate it. That said, digital workstations should have little trouble using this desk as intended.

Operation: Hand-Operated Cranking Mechanism

The Ikea Trotten is a manually-operated standing desk that uses a crank handle for height adjustment. Since it is manually operated, the adjustment mechanism takes a little longer than what a motorized mechanism can achieve.

It includes a space dedicated for the crank handle where it tucks away neatly underneath the tabletop. I found both the handle stow-away and table adjustment mechanisms to work as intended, with no mechanical issues.

Something worth noting is the fact that the table requires a lot of cranking to lower or raise the table top. This can stand out when comparing an electric standing desk against the Trotten, but at the end of the day, it’s not much of a drawback.

Price: Low-End

The Ikea Trotten is priced fairly low, proving itself to be a relatively budget-friendly option in the standing desk segment. Considering it’s a manually operated desk, there are few moving parts that can malfunction, but the Trotten has the potential to last a long while.

In some ways, the Trotten can be considered a long-term investment, and given its low price point, the desk may have a decent return on investment.

Delivery: Doorstep Delivery With Several Options

Ikea delivers the Trotten to your doorstep if you so wish, charging a minimal fee depending on your locale. The brand offers four types of deliveries depending on how soon you want the desk delivered: Standard, Scheduled Doorstep, Scheduled In-Home, and Express In-Home. These delivery options charge fees that vary based on how close your residence is to a local Ikea store.

The Standard delivery option will have the delivery-person drop the package off at your home. You can opt for separate notifications for regular updates on the delivery date and time as selected by the delivery provider.

Next comes the Scheduled Doorstep delivery, which has your order delivered on a day and time of your choosing. The delivery provider will notify you of the time window during which they arrive at your doorstep the night before delivery.

But if you want the desk to be delivered to a particular room, Ikea offers the Scheduled In-Home delivery option. The delivery option is the same as the scheduled doorstep delivery, with the aforementioned destination being the sole differentiator.

And lastly, the Express In-Home delivery option will see your order delivered the very next day to the room of your choice. It’s worth mentioning that this delivery option is available in selected zip codes, so you may want to check if it’s available in your location.

Maintenance: Only Needs Periodic Cleaning

Keeping the Trotten clean is fairly straightforward using a mild cleaner and a damp cloth. Once you’ve wiped the desk clean, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Should you run into any issues, feel free to contact Ikea customer service for help on the matter.

Post-Purchase Support: 10-Year Limited Warranty And Limited Returns Policy

The Trotten comes with a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects or damage sustained during the manufacturing process or transportation. This includes defects in materials, workmanship, and function on all parts. 

So, if your product comes with an improperly functioning crank handle, Ikea will either replace the product or repair it during this 10-year time frame. The brand covers the costs of repair, labor, spare parts, and travel for the repair staff so long as the desk remains available to them.

But if you want to return the Trotten for any reason, Ikea has a return and cancellation policy that enables this. An unopened new desk can be returned within 365 days of purchase for a refund by providing the company with proof of purchase. 

And if you’ve unpacked the desk already, you may return it within 180 days for a refund. The refund policy does not include shipping costs incurred, so you may want to be mindful of that.

Product name: Ikea Trotten Standing Desk | Product Brand: Ikea | Tabletop Material: Particleboard, Melamine Foil, Plastic Edging |Underframe Material: Steel, Epoxy/Polyester Powder Coating | Height Range: 28-⅜ to 48 inches | Height Adjustment Mechanism:Hand-operated Crank Mechanism | Desk Width: 27-½-inch | Desk Depth: 47-¼-inch
Ikea trotten final verdict

Ikea Trotten Final Verdict

The Ikea Trotten is a simple, no-frills standing desk with a straightforward assembly and height adjustment mechanism. Its inexpensive pricing and lack of motorized parts make it so the adjustable desk runs into fewer issues than its motorized counterparts. 

Besides, its 110-pound load capacity is enough for most office workers who don’t need a diverse set of equipment and paperwork to work.

That said, it all comes down to personal preference when choosing a standing desk. Some prefer standing desks packed with functions and a motorized raising mechanism, while others only require a flat table with adjustable height. Your preference alone will dictate whether the Trotten suits you or not.

For other options, consider checking out my Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk review to see how it fares in comparison to Ikea Trotten.

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