In Russia, palaces and metro stations are hard to tell apart

In Russia, palaces and metro stations are hard to tell apart

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In russia, palaces and metro stations are hard to tell apart
Elektrozavodskaya Station, Moscow, Russia / Photo: David Burdeny

It is surprisingly hard to tell the difference between photos of Moscow’s metro stations and photos of Russia’s historic palaces. The stations, like the palaces, are supremely decadent, with high arched ceilings, opulent gold leaf, and glittering chandeliers. Photographer David Burdeny takes us inside with A Bright Future and leaves you wondering just what you’re seeing.

Burdeny, who has a masters in architecture and a bachelors in interior design, became fascinated by Russian interiors three years ago while working on a project about European palaces. “For me, Russia was this mythical place shrouded in mystery, and I was interested in viewing it firsthand,” he says. He saw photos of metro stations in St. Petersburg and Moscow and was taken aback by their ornamentation. He decided to juxtapose Russia’s palaces, theaters and museums with these “palaces for the people.”

“Just as a palace is more than just a house, the metro was not just a transitionary space where you catch one train and another,” Burdeny says. “The stations were supposed to provide its occupants with an elevated level of comfort that would surpass anything else in the word.” […]

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