Innovative Examples of Sustainable Design

Sustainability is the latest buzz word. Anyone can help prevent global warming by incorporating some sort of renewable energy in their home. See how these famous sustainable structures operate with renewable energy and in turn, cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Wind Turbines
The Bahrain World Trade Centre is a revolutionary structure. It is the first commercial building to use wind turbines on a horizontal axis, attached to the actual building for electricity. The wind powers a generator resulting in electricity. The Bahrain World Trade Centre has just over 15% of its entire energy needs powered by the 675 kW (kilowatt) turbines.

Innovative examples of sustainable design
Bahrain World Trade Center / © Flickr user – mrsdkrebs

Thankfully, you don’t need that many Kw’s to power your home. Sustainable living will reduce your carbon footprint, save you money over time, and contribute to a greener more sustainable planet. A small wind rotator can be attached to your roof and only needs to generate about 3 kW of power to produce 20% of your household electricity.

Solar Panels
In Brisbane Australia, the Kurilpa Bridge holds the title of the largest foot bridge powered by solar panels. Solar photovoltaic systems are the easiest and most common form of renewable energy within residential homes, and now in public structures as well. The Kurilpa bridge save 37.8 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly as its LED lighting system is powered solely by the sun.

Innovative examples of sustainable design
Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane Australia at Night

Imagine having your entire home’s electric system reliant on the sun; you’ll never have to pay an electricity bill again – hot water heaters, appliances and lights; every electrical function in your home can be powered by the sun.

Recycled Waste

Devil’s Thumb Ranch was one of the first resorts to start collecting surrounding solid waste and regenerate it for various functions. This process is fundamental to the ranch’s sustainable practises as it is located in rocky, forest-rich Colorado. The environment is extremely important to its residents and the eco ranch uses recycled products wherever possible and recycle everything they can on the resort. This is an economical and easy energy solution to follow in your home. Plastic, paper, glass and tin can all be recycled – divide them into separate garbage containers and take them down to your nearest recycling branch. You’ll even get some cash back for doing your part.

Waste water management system
A prime example of wastewater management is the Robert Redford Building located just outside of Los Angeles. By using low-water fixtures, waterless urinals, efficient subsurface irrigation, a grey water system for toilets and irrigation, and an effective rain harvesting system, this building sets the bar for sustainable design and function. If your budget allows, you too can install modern irrigation and grey water systems, these will dramatically cut your water bill and decrease pressure on our natural resources.

If large structures can save carbon emissions on such a big scale, you too can follow suit by making small changes to your home. It may not seem like much, but collectively, it can make a huge difference.

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