Inside Queensland’s library of the future

Inside Queensland’s library of the future

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Inside queensland’s library of the future

The Edge, Queensland’s experimental library of the future, is tucked away next to the State Library of Queensland in a concrete bunker-like building that stretches along the Brisbane river.

The building itself has had a varied history — six years ago it was the Gallery of Modern Art, before that a restaurant, and even before that it was the home of the Queensland theatre company.

Now, it is an experimental space housing of what all libraries look like could look like one day.

“Seemingly every ten years libraries ask themselves: ‘what does the library of the future look like?’” says Daniel Flood, creative director of The Edge.

“Intermittently, over the past thirty years it’s been the internet is going to kill libraries, Google is going to kill the libraries, eBooks are going to kill the libraries, and it never has actually happened.”

The Edge was born out of the last brainstorming session, designed to be a place “where people can come and engage in a free range of learning practices”, according to Flood.

Rather than dispensing books, it would be a space for working and learning from practical activities. […]


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