Why the Interior Design of Your Restaurant Matters as Much as the Exterior

Restaurant owners spend a lot of time and money on the outside of their premises. Making sure they look appealing, exciting, well branded and welcoming. They spend a lot of time working with designers and construction teams getting it just right. They do this to attract passing footfall. To make people want to come inside. It’s important to remember that the interior design is equally important. Here’s why you shouldn’t neglect it.

Why the interior design of your restaurant matters as much as the exterior

Set the Tone

Your interior design really gives you a chance to set the tone of your restaurant. If you want a fun and friendly place, think bright colors and lots of pictures with bright lighting. If it’s a family friendly restaurant think of how your design will work for children; can they reach things? Are your toilets practical for small people? Again, you’ll want to use bright colors and try to incorporate some fun. However, if it’s a quiet, romantic setting you’re trying to find, think darker lighting and maybe a more minimalist design. Your interior design is a great way to show exactly what kind of restaurant you’ve got.


The tone you set will affect the atmosphere. Your interior design will show customers how they should behave. A fun design will have them chatting and laughing with staff and other customers, letting their kids play and laugh. A more somber design will lead to quieter conversations.


It needs to work. If you’ve got tables in the wrong places, or counters too close to the kitchen, your restaurant won’t be efficient and customers and staff won’t be able to get around. If it’s difficult to navigate, they won’t enjoy their meals. For great restaurant furniture see www.restaurantfurniture.net.


Comfort is very important to a restaurant. You can’t provide this with external design. Your customers should be comfortable on all levels. From them feeling welcomed and appreciated to literally the comfort of the furniture, it all plays a big part.


You want your design to show people how clean, tidy and neat your restaurant is. The external might be spotless, but if the interior is untidy, or worse, dirty, customers won’t be very impressed. You can use your interior design to plan an easy to manage layout. This will make it easier for your staff to keep things clean and tidy.

Customer Retention

Next to the food, interior design is what customers remember the most. Very few customers will tell their friends and family about the exterior of a restaurant. They’ll talk about the food and the design. They’ll mention any stand out features. Word of mouth is so important to the growth of a business, especially restaurants. Great interior design can be one of the things that will keep your customers coming back, and help you build a trusting and loyal band of regulars.


Interior design includes so many different things; lighting, colors, furniture, toilets, equipment, floors, walls, pictures, windows, doors, absolutely everything has an impact on your customer’s experience. But it also helps to keep your staff happy. They spend a lot of time inside your restaurant. A place where they’re comfortable can have a really positive effect on how they feel. Happy, comfortable staff are more likely to provide excellent levels of customer service.

Getting your interior design right can be as important as your food. It’s all well and good having an amazing external design that gets people inside. But it’s the interior that gives you atmosphere and ambience, which will get customers coming back again and again. Whether you’re using an interior designer, or doing it yourself, take your time and get it right. It’s incredibly important to the success of your restaurant.

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