J-4 House / Vertice Architects

J-4 House / Vertice Architects

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J-4 house / vertice architects

The architects were faced with a plot of land shaped as a quarter of a circumference that had a height difference of 5.50 meters on the curved side. This side has a privileged view of the sea. In addition, they were conditioned by the construction regulations, which enabled us to build two terraced levels.

J-4 house / vertice architects

The project is based upon two containers, which have been cut, in order to adopt a “mineral” form. These different volumes have been designed to overhang in order to avoid the use of great contention walls and to create useful spaces beneath them. They also define the entrance to the house.

J-4 house / vertice architects

The first volume, located at the highest point of the plot, hosts the main bedroom and has a one level. The second volume, located at the lowest height, has two floors, beneath of which the parking area situated.

J-4 house / vertice architects

Access to the house is through a slopped garden that leads to the entrance hall, space that articulates both volumes. It takes us to the more intimate area of the entrance level and to the stairs. Through the stairs we reach, in first place, the main bedroom and then the social area of the house, located at the highest height level.

Due to the existing coast regulations all exterior walls are painted white and contention walls are veneered with concrete tiles. Frameworks have been finished in a steel blue look.

Project Details:
Location: Lomas del Mar, Lima, Perú
Type: ResidentialHouses
Land area: 255.96 m²
Built area: 279.58 m²
Architects: Vertice Arquitectos
Team: Arq. Luis Miguel Becerra de la Fuente, Arq. Hernani Canessa Lohmann, Arq. Sandro Moro Miranda
Photographs: Vertice Arquitectos


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