Jordan Road Restaurant & Bar / CAA Architects

Jordan Road Restaurant & Bar / CAA Architects

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Jordan road restaurant & bar / caa architects

Project Details:
Location: Yunnan, China
Type: Interiors
Area: 400m2
Architects: CAA Architects
Creative Director:Liu Haowei
Brand Stragegy:CAA Brand Team
Design Team:Zhang PingJie, Zhang Pan, Duan Lian, Xu Chuan Tianzi

Architect’s Statement:
The art of eating in a restaurant does not only involve high quality food, it is most of all a celebration of human contact. For the interior of Jordan Road, a restaurant chain, CAA designed a romantic fusion between local usage of bamboo and art deco in which the food and conversation is centerpiece.

Jordan road restaurant & bar / caa architects

The result is beautiful restaurant contained in bamboo, one that also offers a subconscious appeal to China’s consumerist class. “The bamboo reference is very Asian, which reads as traditional, but it’s made contemporary by it,” architect Liu Haowei says.

Jordan road restaurant & bar / caa architects

The layout of the restaurant combines efficient seating arrangement with optimized acoustic zones that give successful restaurants a “buzz”: Enough sound to feel you are in a busy and lively restaurant, but enough privacy to make sure your conversations remain private. The sounds of the guests are carefully adjusted to fill the restaurant using Brick and glass walls for absorb or reflect sounds while floors cast a three dimensional pattern,draw hungry eyes through open doors, and finally.

Jordan road restaurant & bar / caa architects

The color palate and lighting design compliments the food served making the overall atmosphere a little nostalgic, but most of all very natural. And ideal place to wind down with someone from a busy day.


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