Kennett’s five wishes for Melbourne’s urban future

Kennett’s five wishes for melbourne’s urban future
Aerial view of Melbourne

On 5 February, Victoria’s former premier Jeffrey Kennett addressed an audience at MPavilion on the topic of Melbourne’s 21st century urban frontier.

During Kennett’s seven years in office, from 1992 to 1999, the government’s aggressive and controversial privatization agenda brought billions of dollars to its coffers. The suite of capital works undertaken by the Kennett government, including a number of cultural institutions, has left an indelible mark on Melbourne’s urban landscape.

“[An] important aspect of our time in office was our support for the arts, culture and sport, and I combine them all together,” Kennett said. “Sport-art-culture is one of Victoria’s greatest strengths and we should always invest in them. Government must be a patron of the arts, they must be patron of a culture, and they must be a patron of gardens.”

So in looking to Melbourne’s urban future, in the face of growing challenges of population growth, housing and transport infrastructure, what does the former premier want to see for the state he branded as “on the move”? Here are five of his suggestions. […]