20 Kitchen Design Trends You Should Consider in 2023

Bored of the way your kitchen feels and looks? In that case, it’s time for a transformation!

The heart and soul of your home both lie in its kitchen. And so, it’s always advisable to opt for a refreshing color scheme and layout, keeping the latest kitchen trends in mind.

Now, the objective of each trend remains the same – creating an aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and efficient workspace that makes cooking convenient. But it doesn’t end there. Storage solutions, colors, layouts, cabinetry, appliances, and so many other factors come into play, making the overall process quite tedious.

For this reason, we’ve come forward with this guide to the 20 kitchen design trends of 2023 that you should consider. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Kitchen Design Trends 

  1. Monochromatic and Dark Kitchens

Becca tapert ugak0qtrphm unsplash

Kitchen walls in shades of black, charcoal, midnight, and white have always stood the test of time. In fact, these colors are unlikely to go out of style even in the coming years. That being said, a monochromatic kitchen can enhance the modern aesthetics of any home decor.

The contrast of dark or black cabinetry against a white backdrop works wonders as it offers elegance to your modern or contemporary kitchen. That’s not all; this design trend casts a luxurious atmosphere along with a subtle yet dramatic essence. Hence, in spite of the bold color scheme, your kitchen will in no way overpower the overall home decor.

Furthermore, black or dark interiors have gained immense popularity over the years. So, as people opt for bolder and darker cabinets and wall colors, monochromatic and black kitchens are emerging as one of the trendiest designs of 2023.

  1. The Colorful Kitchen

Green kitchen plant box 1579705694

Vibrant colors ranging from vivid greens to deep purples are emerging as popular options for contemporary kitchens. When combined with natural tones derived from stone or woodgrains, these color schemes provide more warmth and texture to your kitchen.

In fact, as the year progresses, people are also opting for colored cabinets in their kitchen space. The pop of colors in shades of blue, pink, and green really adds a refreshing feel to the area.

Furthermore, searches have increased for the term “green kitchens” by 50% in 2022 compared to 2023. But it doesn’t just end there. The newest search term, “yellow kitchens” is also seeing a growing trend. This, in turn, proves that homeowners are willing to take the risk. They’re now opting for bolder colors, thereby enhancing the dramatic flair of the entire kitchen.

  1. The Painted Kitchen

Annie sloan annie sloan painted kitchen cupboards in premixed aubusson blue and emperors silk chalk paint wall in an 2119314 1579393810

Need a modern take on traditional design and finish? The painted kitchen is a practical choice that emphasizes both furniture and architectural detail. In fact, it utilizes the ever-versatile gray to seize the moment with its neutral shade. As a result, it has emerged as one of the popular kitchen design trends of 2023.

Now, when we say gray, there’s a lot you can do using the technique of “mix and match.” In other words, you can paint the kitchen walls with different shades of gray. From taupe and light grays to charcoal and slate gray, each color scheme offers a new lease of life to your kitchen when teamed with the right furniture and cabinetry.

That being said, painted furniture and cabinets paired with materials like marble and concrete provide a classic yet contemporary finish to your kitchen. It also manages to create a durable and sturdy environment.

  1. Concealed Storage

Wren kitchens sliding larder pantry 1579732084

As we all know, a kitchen is that area of the house where a ton of work goes on. Hence, we usually have a lot to store. But we’d prefer these items to remain hidden to safeguard the overall kitchen design from being compromised. As such, a discreet storage solution is a must-have in every kitchen.

Now, hide-and-seek storage is easy to achieve. All you need to do is install a simple cabinet to hide your dishwasher or fridge. Not only that, but you can also utilize a storage design to minimize countertop space for small appliances.

In fact, elements like multipurpose island units, pull-out larders, integrated wine stores, pop-up shelves, and departmental drawers are popular concealed storage solutions. You can also consider using built-in appliances as they help reduce space utilization drastically.

Furthermore, hidden stations that prevent toasters and kettles from cluttering your countertop are quite popular in 2023 so far. This is because they help create a dedicated area for you to sit and enjoy breakfast.

  1. Family-First Layouts – “Flextensions”

Darga kitchen caple 1579393326

2020 is more focused on custom-made furniture that’s able to fulfill the requirements of different types of users and kitchen applications. Why? Well, today, multi-generation living has evicted the one-size-fits-all kitchen. As such, we welcome a future-proof design teamed with valuable interiors that caters to the growing population.

This brings us to the trend of “flextension” that creates the ultimate flexible living experience for you and your family. With a focus on integrated seating, storage solutions, island units, or extended breakfast bars, it provides an all-inclusive space for cooking and dining.

In fact, the countertop also provides adequate space for home office work. In other words, this design trend transforms the kitchen into an area where all your family members and friends can spend quality time with each other.

  1. Built-in Appliances

Goodhome oven microwave 60cm dark inox 1579705905

Earlier built-in appliances were considered old-fashioned. But today, they are gradually experiencing a reboot among the younger generation as the demand for more space increases.

In fact, going by the “Google Trend Data 2022-2019” searches for “built-in kitchen appliances” has seen a rise of 160%. So, you can well imagine its popularity in 2023. And seeing our busy lifestyles, this comes as no surprise.

To be honest, we need appliances that are convenient and practical, requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance. Having said that, a built-in unit fits the bill in every aspect. What’s more? Well, it stays hidden from view so that the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen remains intact. It also provides a modern and unique twist when teamed with a chrome setting.

  1. A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Rotpunkt kitchen zerox fineline xt snow kitchen with h910mm herb garden 1579396030

We are noticing a growing demand for homeowners for kitchens that are environment-friendly and sustainable. The reason for this being the new consciousness surrounding our planet and its well-being.

For this, interior designers have set out to seek eco-friendly solutions, making steps towards more sustainable living. They’ve also shifted focus to reducing carbon footprints of our homes, pledging 100% carbon neutral kitchens by the end of 2023.

Truth be told, there’s a ton of scope to improve the ecological credentials of your kitchen. First things first, simply switch to energy-efficient appliances that utilize eco-friendly technologies to operate. You can also consider using cabinets and furniture made of recyclable materials like MDF and bamboo.

On the other hand, resin serves as the perfect alternative to concrete flooring. Along with these changes, adding dedicated recycling bins and installing 3-in-1 hot water taps will also pave your way to sustainability.

  1. Broken-Plan Living

Naked kitchens highgate kitchen 1546806738

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed an emerging design trend that merges the dining area, kitchen, and living room of your home into a single open-plan space. As a result, it makes your home and family feel more connected. But recently, open-plan layouts are being replaced by a phenomenon known as the “broken-plan living.”

Now, the kitchen trend isn’t that different from the open-plan design. It retains the spacious feel of the previous layout but differs in terms of zoning.

In other words, broken-plan living utilizes freestanding furniture, screens, cabinetry, and even house-plants to create distinct zones. These nest-like nooks serve as the perfect cooking, entertainment, and relaxation spots.

You can add seating areas and media centers in the connected area. This, in turn, makes your kitchen look larger. In fact, the design trend also helps in creating cohesion in the overall space.

  1. The Concealed and Unobtrusive Kitchen


We now wish to introduce you to another trend that’s gaining momentum in 2023. The concealed kitchen cabinetry is inspired by the open-plan living design. It is being driven with the desire to conceal the elements of the kitchen from the dining and living room areas.

That being said, the concept of an unobtrusive kitchen isn’t new. It has been evolving over the years now with improved and updated storage solutions. And we’re quite positive that it will continue to do so over the next few years.

Ideal for small studios and two-room apartments, the highly effective space-saving design keeps the walkway clear from obstructions. That’s not all. It also manages to create a stunning visual impact by keeping all your kitchen elements hidden behind storage units.

  1. Two-Tone Kitchen

Two tone kitchen island blue orange 1579724734

The two-tone kitchen cabinetry design is emerging as a desirable kitchen trend that will most definitely soar by the end of the year. In fact, the combination of two colors, especially used throughout the kitchen cabinetry, adds an interesting twist to the overall aesthetics.

You can opt for deeper and darker units with contrasting bright walls and flooring. The mix and match of hues and colors is a great way of bringing out the details of the kitchen design. As a result, it stands out in a crowd.

Now, the two-tone kitchen trend doesn’t just limit itself to paint and colors. Think out of the box! Play around with textures and finishes; be it wood grains, sleek laminate, or matte finishes. All of these rich textures can be used to add depth and character to the space. As such, they manage to change the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

  1. The Return of Ladders

Blakes london kitchen ladder 1579709924

Sounds like a movie name, doesn’t it? Well, if you play your cards right, your kitchen can look as perfect as those seen in movies. That being said, ladders serve as a striking and practical addition to any traditional style kitchen.

They allow you to make use of the space offered by tall ceilings. Hence, you’ll be able to reach storage cabinets with ease. In fact, ladders also enable you to remodel large rooms, which you’d otherwise wouldn’t use as a kitchen space. Plus, it manages to add a striking effect to your overall decor without actually doing much.

  1. Hot Water taps

Grohe red hot water taps 1579710751

As you already must know, hot water is a must for food preparation and cooking purposes. So, it’s better to have a solution that will help you access boiling water instantly. Thus, the installation of hot water taps in kitchen spaces is now becoming a growing kitchen trend among most homeowners.

It not only saves you from the hassle of having to boil water in a pan or kettle but also ensures energy efficiency. In fact, it doesn’t stop there. Ideally, in a kettle, you’ll be boiling more water than required. But instant hot water taps enable you to use only the desired amount. As a result, it prevents water wastage.

As predicted, the demand for hot water taps will keep rising throughout the year. More and more homes will shift from kettles to this streamlined alternative. This is because it enhances the modern aesthetics of your kitchen decor while making your task of cooking efficient and convenient.

  1. Smart Kitchens

Rotpunkt lighting 1579708735

Technology has led to the evolution of modern lifestyles. As such, it also plays a crucial role in kitchen designs, thereby maintaining a sleek and high-end aesthetic.

In fact, the progress of technology over the past decades has popularized the use of refrigerators, steam ovens, and vacuum drawers to keep food fresh for a longer duration. And today, we’ve come to a stage where Wi-Fi enabled devices are utilized in kitchens in order to make cooking more convenient.

These gadgets can be controlled from your smartphone, USB points, and sockets in drawers. For instance, automated lighting solutions can be easily controlled via virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. In other words, you’ll be able to operate your kitchen lighting using a remote control or your voice.

It doesn’t just stop there. Technology can be integrated into every function and appliance of your kitchen. From faucets to refrigerators, all are powered by the latest technologies to make your life simpler and more convenient. Thus, the name smart kitchen!

  1. The Kitchen Island Dinner Table

Blue kitchen island 1579734631

An island table is a perfect inclusion for smaller apartments with minimum space. But it’s no longer thought of as something small designed to squeeze into a compact area. The table is meant to create an impact, so its design should make a statement.

That being said, an island table helps separate out an isolated area for socializing and dining with family. However, the table should be equipped with comfortable seats, especially for longer meals.

Plus, if you wish to create more of a “dining room” vibe, consider using seats that resemble chairs. Dining islands are ideal for any modern-day kitchen. It always makes sure that your family can cook, dine, and work together, despite hectic schedules.

What’s more? Well, this kitchen trend is a great option if you frequently use your kitchen area for entertainment. It adds value to the interiors. And that’s not all. The island dinner table serves as a lifesaver in a broken-plan living or open-plan space. You won’t have to additionally invest in a dining table for your living room.

  1. Statement Taps

Wren kitchens sink statement tap 1579394337

Installing a statement tap in your kitchen will definitely add a touch of elegance and sophistication to its overall decor. In fact, it serves as an oomph factor that stands out without overpowering the aesthetic appeal and style of the interior.

Now, when it comes to kitchen faucets, we’d suggest brass, industrial-looking units that come with unusual handles. The interesting features and unique design of these taps are not only eye-catching, but they also manage to complement your kitchen space perfectly.

That being said, it’s vital to maintain consistency while styling your kitchen. For this, make sure you pair the tap with a finish similar to that of your cupboard and cabinetry. Not only this, but you can also complement it with matching accessories. To sum up, be rest assured, this kitchen trend will definitely bring a wow factor to your conventional kitchen.

  1. Natural Finishes

Kitchen makers haddon in thyme and burnished bronze from 15 000 1579712827

Cabinets and drawers that feature natural finishes can add detail, definition, and character to contemporary kitchens. This is why 2023 is seeing a resurgence of granite countertops and natural oak drawer boxes.

With the wood components left exposed, the soothing neutral finishes are emerging as favorable options among interior designers and homeowners. The best part? They strike the perfect balance between modern and conventional aesthetics. Hence, you can never go wrong with this kitchen trend!

  1. The Larder On Display

Brayer design kingswood kitchen pantry 6707956 1579732396

As we’re nearing the end of our list, we wish to introduce you to the desired feature that’s now becoming an essential requirement in every modern kitchen. Extensively used during times when refrigerators weren’t available, larders have been re-purposed in recent years to store dried goods.

Having said that, it is a more suitable place to store eggs, herbs, spices, and certain vegetables that need to be stored in cool, dry, and dark locations. That’s not all. You can integrate sections in modern kitchens with open storage for the effortless and quick access to essential items.

This also enables you to beautifully display decorative items and valuable artifacts, which in turn, attributes to the overall decor of the area. What’s more? A full-height larder unit, equipped with shelves and a large storage capacity helps create a fine balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the larder on display is emerging as a popular trend of 2023.

  1. Open Storage For Confined Spaces

Onesta record e cucine magneto lab splashback 1579707038

Without a doubt, concealed storage will be a huge trend in 2023. But open storage shelves will definitely not fall behind!

Today, people prefer having smaller families. As a result, the demand for smaller homes keeps increasing by the day. This, in turn, results in confined kitchen areas with limited storage space. That’s where the open storage kitchen trend comes into play.

Interior designers are coming up with clever storage systems that help open up your restricted kitchen space. For instance, you can clear your workstation by simply placing the items on a glass splashback with a magnetic holder.

In fact, the design also comes with shelving for wine bottles, tablet holders, and kitchen roll holders. As such, it enables you to neatly store all your essential items within reach. That being said, this design trend is perfect for a minimalist kitchen. Why? This is because the open shelves help you show off your best buys without cluttering the area.

  1. Decorative Worktops

Marble kitchen 10 1 1579706569

Porcelain countertops are set to take the market by a storm, a kitchen trend that one could argue it is timeless. Available in various thicknesses, the lightweight surface can be used for wall cladding as well, thanks to its durability and ease of use. In fact, the porcelain used as decorative surfaces helps in merging spaces, a trend that continues to grow by the day.

Seeing its popularity in the past year, homeowners are now opting for tones of brown terrazzo. This provides a luxurious feel to your kitchen design. Apart from porcelain, marble and Lightstone worktops will also be a popular choice, especially among those looking for a natural surface and authentic look.

With the introduction of marble surfaces showing vein patterns, you can easily obtain a cost-effective yet luxurious kitchen design.

  1. Concrete Still Reigns

Cucina colore futura tall oven housing concrete 1579731677

Despite being an industrial material, concrete has a lot of potential as it comes with a host of benefits. As such, it’s set to be the kitchen finish choice of the year.

Ideally, concrete is available as a solid, hard-wearing material for countertops and worktops. But for most who don’t know, it can also be used as a laminate that comes in your matching door finishes. Having said that, in both instances, the material adds depth and drama to your boring, conventional kitchen.

For this, you can incorporate a waterfall kitchen island teamed with a cascading concrete worktop. It helps ensure a striking effect, which in no way overpowers your kitchen decor.

The trend of industrial styling of your kitchen using concrete will continue to grow in popularity. Hence, many homes will be bound to feature this material with a focus on raw materials available in rich tones and textures.

Final Words

The kitchen design trends this year have incorporated a few strong themes, including storage, sustainability, technology, and of course, stunning aesthetics. In fact, the unique combination of all these factors helps in creating the “living kitchen.” This not only unifies your home and family, but it also manages to make living easier.

On that note, we now come to the end of our comprehensive and informative guide. Here’s hoping you find the trend that best meets your kitchen layout and style requirements.

With this, we’ll now take your leave. Till next time, take care!

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