Learn How to Use Taupe in Your Home Design

Taupe has been around us for long, taupe is something that literally surrounds us and defines our spatiality through multiple means, surprising us at any corner, beautifying our world in its every minute of existence.

Long story short, things are simple. Taupe is basically the word used to define a wide array of colors. The variety of colors denoted falls somewhere in-between brownish gray and grayish brown.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

The world has its origins in the French noun taupe which originates from the Latin Talpa, both terms meaning “mole”, the mammal. In its early days the name was a reference only for the average color of the French mole which at that time covered colors close to pink and lavender; in the first years of the 1940s though things changed and the term started being used to encompass a far bigger range of hues.

Today too the taupe term is relatively vague as in what colors it exactly exactly yet it may be often used when one would talk about grayish-browns, brownish-gray or various other warm gray colors. The term often overlaps with tan and even designers and artists do use the color somehow wrong professionally as the taupe is no properly defined today, different opinion leading to grand debates on the taupe term.

It is worth noting that the term itself, taupe, should not be correlated with colors like purple and pink. No generally authorized, recognized authority for such terms exists today and therefore the addition of new colors in the palette can create an extraordinary amount of shades that could, to some degree, benefit art and design today.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

It is clear now that the term is not easily defined yet now that we`ve went through the news on the subject we invite you to cast a glance at the gallery below and take note how is taupe used in contemporaneity today.

Today taupe is present everywhere, simply put in one form or another yet in interior design it has some great feats of strength and it certainly can shape some amazing compositions even when taupe is basically in the entire composition.

Cast a glance at the taupe top and notice how perfectly balanced the tones are in a relation with the intricate texture, this effect, scaled, in any other shape and any other composition, is able to define the taupe presence in interior design, delicate, elegant and comfortable visually.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

Taupe truly is inviting, welcoming and comforting, cast a glance at the composition below and notice how two radically different materials, textures merge into a splendid flooring; the ceramic has its own edge, its own dynamic and highly different layout altogether where the hardwood floors look naturally organic, flawed in a beautiful way and yet the composition makes extraordinary sense and defines the hallway, welcomes a grand design, right from the beginning.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

Very often today the taupe color palette is present in intricate, detailed textiles of great beauty, textiles that are representing a great role in our comfort, textiles that can break or make a design.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

Taupe can be inserted in pretty much any textile, any fabric, any color, it can comfort through different textures creating contrast in its own color palette.

In the bedroom, taupe really wins the big game, here the beautiful color palette infuses a calming, soothing atmosphere appreciated greatly in the most comfortable manner.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

Here different textures can chase wooden textures in the race for coziness, here gray-brown colors can complement a white bedding beautifully and here too silver and golden accents can thrive beautifully, sculpting space around them.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

The living room too can adorn a complete taupe palette yet here diversity is required in both texture and color, here textiles need to stand out by the couch, the wall art needs to be read like a piece of art and the coffee table should be easily distinguishable from other pieces in the room.

Contrast here is needed more, contrast is waited to create some sort of dynamic that can keep with the drive of the social core of the household.

The taupe bathroom design does the room great justice as it itself awaits to serve you as an oasis of serenity, calm and a place of supreme relaxation at the end of each stressful day.

In a design that uses a very constant palette the minor details do make the difference.

Learn how to use taupe in your home design

Here the bathtub`s sculptural presence is beautifully complemented by its extraordinary water faucet, the delicate improvised side-table and highly dramatically little mirror on a wall with white wooden paneling that create a slight contrast between the vertical and horizontal plane.

Light floods the interior and the stair used as a towel rack literally creates a bridge between the two lanes separated by the white paneling , all this brilliant composition anchored into an extraordinarily graphic hardwood floor that would have ruined the game if it would have been different in any way. Splendid, delicate, stunningly beautiful and visually comforting, all in one picture.

Now, in the end, it goes without saying that in any interior design and pretty much any room in your home, taupe can thrive. It is up to you to create the balance that highlights the palette, it is up to you not to over-do it. In all taupe interiors accents are needed and, most often than not, golden and silver hues are used in this regard yet is not always enough. Seek balance at all times and your interior décor will be splendid.

How do you see the taupe palette? Don`t be a stranger, leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below !

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