LEGO Ideas Wants Your Miniature Cities For New Architecture Activity

If you are familiar with LEGOs, you might have heard of LEGO Ideas.

It is a website that showcases spectacular LEGO creations from fans across the globe. The team often comes up with exciting weekly challenges and activities, and currently, it is conducting a new activity that you might be interested in. 

This time around, LEGO Ideas is looking for miniature cities, buildings, landmarks, and exceptional structures. 

What Is LEGO Ideas Looking For? 

Lego ideas wants your miniature cities for new architecture activity

LEGO Ideas have a plethora of designs that are created by ardent followers and hobby designers. In the past, they have uploaded designs based on cartoon characters, household objects, fairytale houses, and various other themes. 

But in the new activity, the platform is looking for design submissions based on real-life architecture. The activity is called “Miniature Architecture,” and anyone with patience and creative skill can flaunt their skills and share models with fellow LEGO enthusiasts. 

This activity is beginner-friendly, and the only rule is to stick to the theme of building mini architectural designs, either real or from imagination.

Types Of Ideas You Can Submit 

As of now, one Miniature Architecture set has been confirmed. The 21057 Singapore model is a detailed LEGO model available on their website for purchase. This set includes famous Singaporean landmarks like Marina Bay Sands, Lau Pa Sat, and the Singapore River. 

With the theme of famous landmarks in mind, the team at LEGO Ideas wishes to find out which other locations can be built from scratch. The idea is to recreate mini versions of cities, including their famous architecture; However, a fictional build will also do.

Actually, there is no limitation about the place you want to recreate. It could be your home city, or somewhere you have been pining to visit for ages. As of now, 38 fantastic models have been submitted, and they range from realistic mini copies of metropolitans to building out of pure imagination.

For example, one submission is the 10278 Police Station, which contains incredible details of an entire police building. The options you can choose are endless, and you can even check the website to see what other LEGO enthusiasts have created.

Is There A Deadline? 

Yes! Hurry up with your submissions because the activity closes on 25th January 2022. 

Nagoya, japan - april 08, 2019: local jr train lego model running on railway with city background of japan legoland. Famous theme park landmark espcially for children age around 1 to 7 years old.

Final Words 

For inspiration, you can check out 21057 Singapore, which is available on the LEGO online store. Another impressive real-life build is the 21056 Taj Mahal which is a gorgeous representation of the wonder. 

Like every activity conducted by LEGO Ideas, there is no prize for submitting your LEGO models. And the only thing you need to be mindful of is to avoid building on taboo subjects. Other than that, you are free to use your creativity to create any type of architectural creation imaginable.

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