LinkedIn is handing over its Mountain View headquarters to … GOOGLE

A depiction of google’s green campus proposal
A depiction of Google’s green campus proposal / © Google

Google just scored a bunch of new property to make its crazy dream campus come true

Google couldn’t score LinkedIn’s business. But it’s getting LinkedIn’s real estate.

On Tuesday, the two companies announced a large, surprising property swap encompassing over three million square feet of existing and future real estate, including LinkedIn’s corporate headquarters.

From Google, LinkedIn is picking up seven buildings, a plan it said will consolidate its staff around its Sunnyvale and Mountain View Calif., offices. The company said the deal is unrelated to its recent Microsoft acquisition.

In return, Google is getting LinkedIn’s Mountain View headquarters office and — far more critical for the internet giant — four different surrounding properties that enable Google to follow through on its ambitious plan for a new, green, crazy-futurist campus. […]