Liquid engineering – Building house with water

Liquid engineering - building house with water
Architect Matyas Gutai has built the world’s first water house in his hometown of Kecskemet, Hungary

Would you build a house with water?

Hungarian architect Matyas Gutai believes that water is the perfect material for keeping a house at a comfortable temperature.

And while that doesn’t mean that he can do away with traditional materials like bricks, cement, and plaster, his system promotes a whole new idea of engineering.

Gutai built a prototype house in his hometown of Kecskemet, south of Budapest, with his high school friend Milan Berenyi, after years of research and development.

The house was built with a grant from the EU, and showcases the “liquid engineering” concepts Gutai has written about extensively.

Panels, some of steel, and some of glass, make up the structure of the house and a sheet of water is trapped between the inner layers, which equalizes the temperature across the building.

The house is actually able to reheat itself, when its hot excess heat is stored either in the foundations of the building or in external storage, to be brought back to the walls when the temperature drops.

The indoor temperature can also be modified using a monitoring system similar to central heating.

This is a very efficient and sustainable system: the house can produce its own energy and be more independent of energy suppliers, which could reduce carbon emissions. []

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