Lo Ovalle House / Cristián Irarrázaval Architects

Lo ovalle house / cristián irarrázaval andrews

Project Details:
Location: Lo Ovalle, Casablanca, V Region, Chile
Type: Residential – Houses
Property surface: 5,000 m2
Built surface: 120 m2
Architects: Cristián Irarrázaval Andrews

The Lo Ovalle House is located in the Casablanca valley, on the fifth region in Chile.

The commission came out as an alternative response to the existing prefabricated houses in the local market. The client’s idea was to catalog purchase a house and place it in their property. That is why he was presented with the idea of building a prefabricated house using Structural Insulated Pannels (SIP), and incorporating an architectural design that would totally meet his requirements, without compromising on the original budget. This would be the main advantage over the other prefabricated houses in the market.

Lo ovalle house / cristián irarrázaval architects

The result was a low cost panel construction mounted on a radier in one week, incorporating afterwards diverse elements such as ventilated wooden exterior facades, inner lining, skylights and other features, finishing the construction within a short period of time.

Lo ovalle house / cristián irarrázaval architects

Programmatically presenting two areas, bedrooms and bathrooms on the first one and a kitchen / dining room / living room for the second, plus a large intermediate living space that extends the house to the outside. In addition, skylights to the interior are provided to enhance the different areas and allow cross ventilation and natural illumination of the house to occur.

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