Mackintosh Library to be restored: A lost opportunity?

Gsa library
GSA Library // Photograph © Glasgow School of Art

The fire at the GSA in May 2014 left everyone with a love of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s most famous building with a heavy heart. An architectural glory recognised around the world, the loss of the Library in particular had rendered many bereft. The response was passionate and discussion of its reconstruction provokes equally strong feelings.

When it emerged that the Library had been almost completely lost, discussions began about what should happen in the space. In September 2014, as an archaeological survey of the fire damage continued, the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society held a debate on whether the Library should be restored in situ or a newly designed landmark Library built – fit for purpose (previously students could only use the old library half a day per week).

So intense was the debate that in October 2014 the discussion was the subject of an international symposium at the Venice Biennale, to be followed by a final symposium in the Reid Auditorium at the GSA on 17 April 2015. ….

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