Man Creates a Teeming, Tiny City Out of Paper, One Building at a Time

Every day, artist charles young creates a miniature building out of paper and glue
Every day, artist Charles Young creates a miniature building out of paper and glue

Each day, Scottish artist Charles Young designs and builds a new castle, carousel, or church, using only cardboard. His masterwork of A4 architecture, Paperholm, looks like what you’d get if you recreated SimCity with scissors and glue.

Young’s micro-metropolis is filled with cranes and oil derricks, homey bungalows and mansard roofs. It features faithful reconstructions of architectural archetypes, like flying buttresses and A-frame cabins, and surreal buildings supported by chicken feet.

Despite its fanciful feel, Young’s pulpy municipality was inspired by a series of photos by Bernd and Hilla Becher called “Typologies” that rigorously document industrial sites from straightforward, objective angles. ….

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