Manifesto for an Intercultural Urbanism

Manifesto for an Intercultural Urbanism
Manifesto for an intercultural urbanism
Tapiz Apartments and “La Alma de la Mariposa” mural by Jeremy Ulibarri, Denver /© Dean Saitta

Intercultural Urbanism is an interdisciplinary perspective on city planning and design that investigates the relationship between cultural diversity and built form. It seeks to identify what people of different cultural backgrounds value in the built environment, as well as the qualities of place that resonate with people of all cultural backgrounds. Intercultural Urbanism has been influenced, in part, by the Council of Europe’s Intercultural Cities initiative. This multi-city project is making progress in formulating policies and practices to better integrate the growing number of migrants and minorities flocking to European cities.

Here in America there’s still a significant “diversity deficit” in our thinking about urban planning and design. Champions of mainstream urbanisms are increasingly aware of this deficit.

Aline Chahine
Aline is an international licensed architect currently practicing in Canada, she is the reason you are reading this right now, Aline founded the platform back in 2008 shaping the very foundation of Architecture Lab, her exemplary content curation process that defines the online magazine today.

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