Meet Stencil: The World’s First Custom Stencil Tool for Digital Drawing

A new future for sketching as Morpholio unveils “ Stencil” —the world’s first customizable stencil for digital drawing—as a tool inside their already popular Trace App.

Designers, architects and creatives all know stencils and these days,stencil graphics can be seen everywhere. From a recent New York Times Magazine cover of Hillary Clinton to walls tagged by Banksy, it’s clear that their spirit resonates in a big way. For designers specifically, they’ve always played an invaluable role, making it nearly effortless to add beautifully detailed and intelligently scaled entourage, patterns, symbols, furniture and much more to drawings for centuries.

A Stencil Revolution

So, what is it that makes stenciling so cool for designers? When Banksy, stencils a wall, bridge or billboard he may have only seconds to leave his mark, before vanishing. The British artist, with an international reputation for both his work and his anonymity, transforms urban scenes with incredible detail, leaving behind pieces in an instant that would seemingly take days. “ Here we witness, through art, the power of stencils delivering rigorous detail with extreme efficiency; an almost perfect optimization of craft, process and drama.” says Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio Co-creator.

Meet stencil: the world’s first custom stencil tool for digital drawing

So, what would you stencil?

Imagine being able to instantly create your own toolkit of entourage and custom graphics for your drawings, design with a custom pattern or module, or see your words, product or face on the side of a building. You now can as Morpholio’s patent pending Stencilautomatically turns any image you can find, make or take into a custom template in seconds. In addition, discover an array of premade illustrations and symbols that have been artfully created for architecture, interiors, industrial and graphic design.

Meet stencil: the world’s first custom stencil tool for digital drawing

Building rich, multilayered sketches and images has never been faster or more fluid.“Creating stencils sits perfectly between the architect’s sketch and the quick photo,” explains Mark Collins, Co-creator. “ You’re trying to capture something – a texture, pattern, or detail that you want to use. Sketching is great, but slow. Taking a photo buries it in the photo album. Generating a stencil automatically creates an incredible tool that you can utilize in various ways. The stencil is the quickest path to distill an imageinto an actionable idea.”

Make a Stencil:

Sample the world around you and build an indispensable library of go-to drawings, compositions, elements and annotations. Stencil turns your device into a scanner and digital laser cutter. Like a facade? Street sign? Dashing figure? Simply find or take a photo, set the contrast or invert, and transform it into a stencil that is forever at your disposal.

Meet stencil: the world’s first custom stencil tool for digital drawing

Transform your Drawings and Images:

Morpholio’s pre-made figures, furniture, fixtures, entourage, landscape and graphic symbols bring any sketch, floor plan, section drawing, or background image to life. Use them together with your custom stencils to annotate drawings with ease, or create your own super graphics, patterns, and art at any scale. Simply set the stencil and sketch over it with any brush or color.

Brushes, Textures and Vibrant Color:

The Stencil tool works with the Trace App’s variety of color palettes created by the award wining graphic design firm MTWTF. Trace offers eight unique pen types, including pencil, charcoal, marker and brush. Building rich, multilayered drawings has never been easier or faster.

Meet stencil: the world’s first custom stencil tool for digital drawing

Export and Share:

Stencils make your mobile device work for you in a new way. They take the images you’ve captured and turn them into productive, powerful tools to tell a new story – whether talking to a client or the world. Export effortlessly to scale as PDF or directly to your favorite social media or cloud service.

A New Future

Designers, artists, and others, have relied on stencils throughout history to communicate, create, style, tag, narrate and much more. From cave art to the industrial revolution to the work of Warhol and Banksy, stenciling has long been an important player in creative culture, surprisingly pre-dating the brush.

In recent years, large-scale printing and laser cutting have ushered in a new ease of fabrication, making stencil art more popular than ever and influencing the graffiti scene as much as architects, graphic artists and DIY interiors. Auspiciously, at the same time, drawing has experienced a renaissance combining the natural fluidity of hand drawing with specialized hardware such as Apple’s iPad Pro and Pencil. With Trace’s high performance custom digital stencils, Morpholio seeks to amplify artistic expression with pixel level precision and enhance efficiency for creatives and professionals of all types.

Meet stencil: the world’s first custom stencil tool for digital drawing

“Allowing designers to draw and work in a fast and uninhibited space is the path to discovery. We want to bring these opportunities into the digital realm, combining analog process with new media that stays at your fingertips and keeps the creative process flowing.” Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-creator.

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