Milan plants a new forest in the sky

Milan plants a new forest in the sky

Designed by Boeri Studio and developed by Hines, this vertical forest in the heart of one of the Europe´s most polluted cities will include two residential towers of 110m and 76m high. Altogether, 900 trees measuring between 3m and 6m have been planted, along with 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 floral plants on terraces up to the 27th floor.

The project is set to create a new standard for sustainable housing and was developed with the help of Arup´s structural and geotechnical designs, together with consultancy services on acoustics, vibrations, ground-borne noise and tunnelling. Arup also provided advanced design solutions related to the effects of two existing railway tunnels under the site that required a dedicated design of a base-isolation system for the main buildings.

As a new growth model for the regeneration of the urban environment, the design creates a biological habitat in a total area of 40,000m2. The designers aim to inspire greater urban biodiversity in the face of Milan´s challenge of increasing pollution.

Milan plants a new forest in the sky

Thanks to the huge amount of green area, the building not only optimizes, but also produces energy. Besides creating oxygen and humidity, the plants also absorb CO2 and dust particles, which improve the environment. From compact two-room apartments to penthouses and duplexes, the main characteristics of the flats are the balconies, which extend 3,35 meters outwards to host the greenery. The design also includes photovoltaic energy systems to increase the degree of energetic self sufficiency of the two towers.

Being part of the design team of such an innovative project presented new challenges every day since the buildings and the structural itself needed to relate to an ever changing environment and new and unusual design inputs had to be thoroughly understood and incorporated in the overall picture.

– Luca Buzzoni, Project Manager, Arup Milan.

Milan plants a new forest in the sky

The Bosco Verticale building is part of the Porta Nuova Isola complex. This project involves the redevelopment of an area historically dedicated to light industrial and craft activities. Following the proposal to create Bosco Verticale at the site, 70% of the area had been assigned as a public park. This new residential area includes five main buildings for public, residential and commercial use, and three underground parking levels.

Investors in the project include Coima XXI, Domo Media, Hines European Development Fund. The development will create an new environmental corridor and increase the amount of green space in the city.

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  1. This project is the typical real estate appropriation of the Green building idea. And indeed it looks green, well yes, it includes … PLANTS !!!

    A concept of a Green building is dealing with Low Energy consumption rates, low CO2 impact (by using selected LE materials, LE construction concepts, LE maintenance and future re-use, posible recycling, …) The positive impact on the immediate environment by the O2 production is simply negligible. What is at the contrary almost worrying is the hudge quantity of water (drinkable water ?) that will be necessary to maintain these plants in such an exposed situation to the heat, the wind, and lack of capture of direct rain water. So…you said “Green building”?

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