Mind-Bending Buildings That Were Never Meant to Be Built

Mind-Bending Buildings That Were Never Meant to Be Built

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Mind-bending buildings that were never meant to be built

When we talk about architecture, we’re usually talking about buildings that serve some practical purpose. The walls keep us warm and out of the wind, the roof shields us from rain. These are our homes, our office buildings, our banks and our restaurants—the structures that keep society going. But architecture can serve more quixotic purposes, too. A new book focuses on this side of the field: buildings that don’t really exist at all.

From wild, speculative blueprints of future cities like these from a young North Korean architect to the adobe-like buildings of Star Wars’s Tatooine, there are countless examples of the architecture of imagination. These structures don’t really exist in our world, but they enliven our narratives—and sometimes influence structures we do end up building. ….

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