Mission and Commercial Guidelines

We at Architecture Lab are determined to help you in the quest to find the best products for your different needs. 

From home decor to patio furniture and the latest appliances, there’s nothing that we leave out. In fact, our team of editors and writers go through thousands of products each year to give you every little piece of relevant and authentic information. 

That’s why our website has millions of views annually from people looking for the most reliable buying guides. Additionally, we curate how-to guides for various DIY projects for homeowners.

Why You Can Rely On Us

Our team puts in all the effort and hard work to ensure you choose only the best products for your home or personal use. As such, all product recommendations on our website are completely independent and based on our editorial discretion. 

We want to establish a transparent relationship with our readers, which is why we will tell you that brands or PR agencies may sometimes send us products for consideration. However, rest assured that our opinion about them is exclusively based on our experience and research. In short, we test every product equally irrespective of its source, and recommend it only if we think it’s worth your money.

Moreover, we never accept any product in return for publishing biased opinions. Not only that, but we also inform our readers when we receive any complementary product. 

Diversity is of utmost importance to us, which is why we always try to include brands owned by people of color and different minority groups as and when possible. Likewise, we aim to focus on diversity when hiring staff members as well as contributors to bring on board different perspectives. Ultimately, this helps us cater to the needs of a large reader base.

How We Function

As you’ve already figured out, we test different products and provide our honest opinion to help you make a well-informed purchase decision. From appliances to bedding and outdoor accessories, you can trust us to guide you to the top picks from different product categories. 

Aside from testing the products (in the office or at home), our team of expert writers and editors contact different experts. This helps them understand the crucial factors to consider while shopping for the said products. And if we come across any jargon, we make it a point to explain it for easy comprehensibility by our readers.

We also understand that different people have different preferences- both in terms of features and budgets. For instance, some of our readers may like softer bed sheets, while others may need something crisp. That’s why our recommendations aren’t limited to just one or two products, and we try to ensure that all of them provide optimum value for their price for different users. 

Since we spend a lot of time on online shopping sites, we are well aware of new product launches, discounts, sales, and must-haves. And we share all this information with our readers from time to time.

How We Go About Testing Products

Our product lists are pretty diverse, as we don’t want to leave out anything worthy. But this doesn’t mean we pay less attention to the products that appear at the bottom of these lists. Testing all products thoroughly sits on the top of our priority list, and our detailed results will make you feel as if you were trying the products at home! 

All products, be it pillows, umbrellas, or light fixtures, are tested in one of our testing labs or at the home of our staff writers and freelancers, as deemed fit. This allows us to test hundreds of products every month. Besides, our writers get the right setting to see if the products deliver on their claims and are worth investing in. 

How We Keep Up With The Best Deals On The Market

We know there’s no better feeling than saving money when shopping online. Hence, we constantly search the internet for the best deals offered by the biggest brands and e-commerce websites to alert you in time. Moreover, our team starts working right from the wee hours on  Black Fridays, Prime Days, and Cyber Mondays to help you figure out the best buys.

We also keep an eye on the latest trends in online shopping, which helps us know the best products in different categories, along with the top websites to buy them from. Long story short, you can put your faith in us to get all the deets about the most popular products on the market.

How We Ensure Accuracy

It goes without saying that the accuracy of facts and figures is of great significance to us. That’s why our expert editorial team takes special care to ensure that we only put out current and accurate information. 

Likewise, our review team has dedicated members vetted in different product categories (like gardening, maintenance, home decor, etc.) who uphold the highest standards of accuracy in technical content. We strive to curate content that complies with the relevant standards of safety and accuracy.

Furthermore, we understand how annoying it can be to choose a product from our list, only to find that it’s out of stock. Hence, we have a few staff members who check the availability of our listed products regularly for optimum reader convenience. 

Another thing to note here is that our opinion isn’t just based on the product quality but a combination of related factors. These include the pre and post-sales assistance, warranty coverage, and the delivery policies of different online merchants to give you the bigger picture. 

Not only that, but we also conduct re-tests of our top recommended products (in different categories) to ensure that our information is always relevant and up-to-date. Rest assured that you will have all the necessary details presented in the simplest manner before navigating to the purchase button.

Note here that the products we list, review, or recommend may be recalled, or their usage recommendations may change over time. Hence, we strongly recommend checking the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website to be aware of the latest developments regarding your recently bought products.

Aside from that, register the products with their manufacturers to receive notifications anytime a recall is issued.

How We Monetize Our Content

We follow an affiliate marketing model, meaning we earn a small commission on some of our recommended products. However, this is only applicable if you choose to buy the product from the retailer via our website. The retailer websites we link to are some of the most reliable ones out there.

How We Rate The Products 

We rate our chosen products using stars, which also gives you a quick overview of the product quality. These start ratings are essentially a single score assigned to the product based on several factors, like:

  • Test results
  • Personal experience of the testing team members
  • Expert opinion
  • Reputation of the brand and retailer
  • Price
  • Technical knowledge of our editorial team

However, keep in mind that the products rated 5 stars on our website aren’t flawless or without cons. No matter how many recommendations we make, they won’t be suitable for all our readers due to differences in requirements and preferences. We award 5 stars to products that we think provide the best value for money in the said category with its features and advantages. 

Get In Touch With Us

In case of any queries, concerns, feedback, or opinion that you’d like to share with our editorial team, feel free to drop an email at contact@architecturelab.net.