Mountain Hut / Studio Lucio Serpagli architects

Mountain Hut / Studio Lucio Serpagli architects

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Mountain hut / studio lucio serpagli architects

Adolf Loos pointed out that “the plain requires vertical architectural elements, the mountains horizontal ones.” Thus, one of the challenges presented by this building for a mountain site was to define a horizontal plane as a way of creating a datum, thereby establishing a connotative element rooted to the landscape.

Mountain hut / studio lucio serpagli architects

The project is an expression of a way of thinking of architecture and how it relates to a mountainous landscape – not just for linguistic belonging, but also for the interest created by a geometrically pure and abstract object that affirms itself by contrast.

Mountain hut / studio lucio serpagli architects

This project’s programmatic aims are based on the above reflections. The mountain hut is located at 1400 mt a.s.l., on the ridge of a mountain group characterized by Mount Penna. The strict comparisons that emerge between architectural structures and its environment are expressed in a linguistic reduction and a formal essentiality that results in an intimate dialogue between the shape of the building and the Apennine ridge.
The refuge is based on few simple and symbolic elements: two volumes placed on two different levels, connected by an internal staircase.

Mountain hut / studio lucio serpagli architects

The service-information part is articulated in a tourist office 16 sqm wide, a movie room 20 sqm wide where tourists can watch films about flora and fauna of Mount Penna and there is also a storage facility 10 sqm wide for bikes. Next to this area is located the refreshment room. On the upper floor the volume is hut-shaped, accessed from inside by a staircase in the refreshment room and from the outside by a dirt and wood path.

Project details:
Location: Monte Penna, Parma, Italy
Type: Public
Architects: Studio Lucio Serpagli architects
Collaborator: Giuseppe Stefanini
Photos: Olinto Malpeli


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