New Statue of Liberty Museum Planned


Statue of liberty, new york

As the Statue of Liberty nears its 130th anniversary, a new free-standing 20,000-square-foot museum is being planned that would accommodate far more people than the current exhibition space in the statue’s pedestal.

The project is intended to increase public access to exhibits on the history, construction and legacy of the statue, and provide additional shelter during inclement weather, according to an environmental review the National Park Service released last month.

Currently only about 20% of visitors to Liberty Island can access the pedestal that houses the museum, and those who do so must undergo additional security screening.

“We like it. We just can’t fit enough people in it,” John Piltzecker, the park service’s superintendent of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island, said on a tour of the existing museum this week.

No cost estimates were available for the new facility. If approved, it would take about two years to build. […]

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