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How CO Architects Transitioned

How CO Architects Transitioned a 110+ Team to Work From Home

: Why is "Next Housing Market Crash"

Why is “Next Housing Market Crash” a Trending Search on Google?

The Price Of Desire by Mary McGuckian

The Price Of Desire by Mary McGuckian

June 2, 2022 saw the On Demand and North American Digital premiere of The Price Of Desire, written ...


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Patrik Schumacher Claims Executors Tried to Remove Zaha Hadid’s Name from Practice

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From Rivera to Roulette | The Development of Las Vegas


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Architecture & Design

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Moscow`s Transit Expansion Continues With the Salaris Transit Center

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Anton G.

What You Need to Know About the Whirlpool Filter Lawsuit

In a move that restricts consumer freedom and damages small local companies, the Whirlpool Corporation ...

Anton G.

11 Extraordinarily Green Building Materials That Might Replace Concrete in The Future

Whether we try and get our heads around it and fail – or simply cannot ...

Anton G.

Pritzker Winner Balkrishna Doshi on How “Architecture is Just a Backdrop to Life”

67 years into the service of the nation, Balkrishna Doshi was born in the year ...

Aida Vasquez

21 Cool Gadgets For Home In 2022 | Reviews + Guide

Any home appliance you can imagine has a more intelligent version of it. If you ...

Anton G.

EGLOO|Epic Personal Fireplace Powered by Candles Lands on Kickstarter

To work from home and have the coziness and warmth of a Fireplace on your ...

Anton G.

Legendary Marble Walls Whitened Temporarily in Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion

Architects Anna and Eugeni Bach are updating the Barcelona Pavilion as we speak, the establishment is being reinterpreted today ...

Aline Chahine

Moscow’s Constructivist architecture under threat by government demolition plan

A proposal to raze Soviet era housing and relocate 1.6 million residents has caused so much concern that thousands turned out to protest this weekend

Aline Chahine

Landid and Brockton to make The Porter Building, Slough, one of the UK’s healthiest office buildings

The partnership between Landid and Brockton Capital has signed up to achieve WELL Building Standard certification for The Porter Building ...

Aline Chahine

A big Toronto red home to match Casey House’s big red heart

Decay forced staff to retreat from the 1875 Italianate building but they are finally set to move back into their new, permanent home

Aline Chahine

RAIC announces recipients of the President’s Medal for Media in Architecture

A Montreal architectural historian and a late Toronto journalist who wrote exceptionally about architecture are the recipients of the 2017 President’s Medal for Media in Architecture

Aline Chahine

Bennetts Associates unveils One Bedford Avenue at the south end of Tottenham Court Road

One Bedford Avenue, an office and retail development in London’s West End, has been completed by Bennetts Associates ...bedford

Aline Chahine

‘Performance’ announced as the theme for World Architecture Festival 2017

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has announced that ‘Performance’ will be the theme for its tenth edition, which is to be held at the Arena Berlin in Germany from 15-17 November 2017.

Aline Chahine

Jestico + Whiles to design a new residential development in Prague

Jestico + Whiles has been appointed to design SAKURA, a residential building situated atop one of Prague’s stunning hilltop locations and is expected to start on site later this spring

Aline Chahine

Innovation and imagination collide in U of T’s Future Environments: Art and Architecture in Action

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the University of Toronto will take audiences on a compelling journey into the innovative world of art and architecture

Aline Chahine

Norway’s Bold, Maybe Foolhardy Plan to Build the World’s First Ship Tunnel

For the last two years, Kystverket and the architecture firm Snohetta have plugged away at a proposal to build the world’s first ship tunnel...

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