A Few Office Design Trends That Can Make Real Difference

A few office design trends that can make real difference

Office design trends are very important because their implementation can improve the aesthetic value of the office and boost productivity too. However, by following the wrong trends, business owners can make a huge mistake and witness counter effects. There are also situations when businesses are used to the old design, so when radical changes take place the old harmony is missing. So, the most important thing about office design trends and their implementation is to analyze them thoroughly before using them in specific places.

Of course, the management can’t ask every employee separately about their opinion, but they can definitely consult interior designers and architects. Although this practice is followed by many big offices, it is interesting that in some places like Toronto for example, even relatively smaller companies are using the help of professionals to optimize and upgrade this space. So, it is no wonder why office design Toronto was one of the most searched terms online at least when it comes to architecture, construction, and renovation. Now let’s focus on some office design trends that have proven to be useful.

In case we are talking about a company that has more than a dozen of employees and where employee meetings and brainstorming activities are conducted on a regular basis, we must think about the collaborative elements. In other words, when designers are thinking about this space, they are usually thinking about the group of employees, not the individual office. The vast majority of businesses and companies can benefit from office spaces where communication is eased and the interaction between employees is more visible ad straightforward. This means that cubicles, in the form we know them, are slowly going to history.

Next, the trend that we are about to describe is closely related to the previous one. Namely, the majority of modern workers rely only on their computer to finish tasks. On the other hand, computers are becoming thinner and smaller. This means that modern workstations should be a little bit smaller and keep things simple. There is no need for cabinets with many closed or open shelves. Rectangular shapes made from metal, glass or wood are very trendy and according to experts, they will remain popular in the near future too. What is even more interesting is that shared work areas tend to become larger. New offices come with big conference rooms and large tables so that workers can collaborate and share ideas. Obviously, these tables need large office chairs too. When opting for furniture, it is good to have comfort in mind because as we all know comfort increases productivity.

Since modern employees spend more time indoors than outdoors, respected designers have decided to “borrow” some elements from outdoor furniture and use it inside offices. For instance, many of them advise businesses to put more plants in the offices. In addition, the focus is put on pieces of furniture made of natural materials like stone and wood. It’s also a good idea to use tables in the dining area with a design similar to classic picnic tables making employees’ breaks even more relaxing.

Finally, it’s now trendy to use brighter colors even in offices of businesses considered to be more serious. Red, green, orange, yellow, contrasts of dark and bright colors – these are only some of the options used by successful interior designers specialized in office design.

In a similar project, Paragron Group worked with PKF Cooper Parry to reconfigure a front entrance to incorporate new glazed transparency thus enhancing the external function area and providing a new working / meeting environment internally.

Such transitional spaces become more and more important each day as cities become denser day by day!

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