The Old Sixth Street Viaduct Time-Lapse


This iconic bridge built in 1932 and considered a monument in Los Angeles is no longer part of the LA landscape. The steel arches and concrete have been suffering “the test of time” and therefore the viaduct has been demolished.

The bridge was featured in countless films, television shows, music videos, and commercials. Both professional fashion photographers and underground camera enthusiasts also chose the Sixth Street Bridge as the backdrop for their projects. And believe or not, the bridge was used as a playground for people who climbed the arches, often just for fun.

The chief engineer during the construction of the Sixth Street Viaduct was Merrill Butler who, according to an article written by James Ricci for the LA Times in October, 2000, graduated from the old Los Angeles Polytechnic High School in downtown. He never went to college, but learned civil engineering via correspondence courses. What an example for future generations!

The article also states that the day Mr. Butler turned 70 and required to retire, he made a point of putting in a full workday. When he died two years later, The LA Times neglected to run an obituary on him, even though 700 people attended his funeral. […]

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