13 Free Online Closet Design Software: Design Your Dream Closet Today

   Closets are much-needed home additions that seamlessly combine style with utility. That said, wouldn’t it be great to design one all by yourself?

We know that thought has crossed your mind several times, but you probably did not know where to begin. So, we decided to help you and came up with this list of the 13 best free online closet design software.

Thanks to these user-friendly digital tools, you can now design and accessorize your closets, both reach-in and walk-in varieties, effortlessly. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Also, some of these websites allow you to hire experts to get your model professionally designed.

So, without further ado, check out our unbiased reviews of these 13 software.

Free Online Closet Design Software


  1. ClosetMaid

ClosetMaid is an excellent online design service that lets you build and customize, as per requirements. It’s pretty easy to use and makes designing a fun and relaxing activity. So, if you’re looking for a free digital tool to build the perfect walk-in or reach-in closet, we recommend using this one.

Why Did We Like It?

ClosetMaid is a one-stop destination for your design, installation, and closet storage needs. It’s a free online software that allows you to design and customize a closet based on the room where you need it.

Meaning, you can choose from a wide range of designs, including bedroom closets, home office storage, pantries, entertainment centers, laundry storage, etc. Therefore, it does not work on the ‘one size fits all’ formula, so you experiment and find the most suitable option.

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As for customizations, you can select the material, dimensions, color, organizers, and configuration as per your preference. The best part is – you can even save and print the final images. So, you can share it with your builder, and then they can quote a price.

However, if you want your closet to be designed professionally, you can place an order on the website and get it done cheaply.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are very impressed with this user-friendly software and do not have any complaints about its features. However, given that it’s also a shopping site; after you finish designing, you’re merely presented with a shopping list rather than an order option. We would have liked it better if the site automatically redirected to a one-click order link.

  • One-stop destination for design, installation, and storage needs
  • Includes multiple design options by room
  • Users can customize material, dimensions, color, configuration, etc
  • Enables users to save and print the final images
  • Website does not redirect to a one-click order link
  1. Easy Closets

Easy Closets lives up to its name, as it’s truly one of the most convenient design tools available for free. You can get really creative with your digital project and build the ideal closet for a room of your choice. Later on, you can use the mockup as a reference for your final project.

Why Did We Like It?

Easy Closets is the perfect software in the sense that it enables users to design as well as offers professional services. Therefore, you can either create your own design or hire an expert to do it.

You can pay just for the designs; however, you also have the option of ordering the closet items directly from the vendor. Long story short, you can order a customized design directly from the website and even add accessories as per your choice.

Other than that, while designing, you can even adjust key parameters, including dimension, configuration, and organization. Also, it allows you to pick from a wide selection of designs based on rooms. So, depending on the space you want to furnish, you can choose a design that’s either reach-in or walk-in.

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That said, new users can also request a free design review to get their project assessed by experts. Lastly, the software provides users with live price updates, so you never have to worry about purchasing something beyond your budget.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the software is rather simple, we would have liked it better if it had a more intuitive user interface. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best options to create, stylize, and accessories closets. Plus, it lets you get in touch with design professionals directly, which is a win-win for both parties.

  • Offers a designing platform as well as professional services
  • Users can pick from a wide selection of designs based on rooms
  • New users can request a free design review
  • Can order customized designs directly from the website
  • Does not have an intuitive user interface
  1. Closet Organizers USA

Closet Organizers USA is one of our top choices, primarily because it offers an extra edge over other free design tools. As you can figure out already, this software is a little different from our previous option. So, if you’re looking to add more complexity to your designs, we recommend using this option.

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, this closet organizer app includes a 3D display that instantly takes things up by several notches. So, if you’re bored of 2D designs and need a more lifelike representation of your cupboard, use this stat.

Other than that, it comes with a convenient progress bar, which lets you view the status of your project in real-time. Furthermore, the website is optimized for all devices, so you can design your closet on your smartphone, tab, or PC.

Honestly, it doesn’t get easier than this, so just feel free to experiment with multiple reach-in and walk-in models and customize accordingly. The best part is you can even choose the shelving color, hardware color, and type of door.

Once you have assembled all the accessories and designed the perfect closet, the Automatica one-click option will redirect you to the buying page. Therefore, you straight away order all the accessories and incorporate it with your design.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One thing we would like to point out is the complicated customization screen, also known as the build portal. If you’re a design novice, you may find it a little difficult to handle. However, thankfully, it comes with a 3D display, so you can see your creation as and when you like.

  • The app closet includes a 3D display
  • Comes with a convenient progress bar
  • Website is optimized for phones, tabs, and PCs
  • Automatica one-click option redirects users to the buying page
  • Customization screen is difficult to use for design novices
  1. Home Depot

It does not come as a surprise that Home Depot has their own closet design app, considering that they sell a wide range of storage accessories and organization tools. Also, most free software does not include kitchen cabinetry, but that’s a bonus on this platform.

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, the software is completely online, so you don’t need to download any file to use it. Other than that, it’s chock full of wall customizations, allowing users to view their storage facilities in different setups.

Also, you can pick from plenty of drawer style options and accessorize your model accordingly. The software itself suggests designs that can be modified and stylized as per requirements. However, what impressed us the most is that it includes both floor and wall-mounted options, usually not available in free digital tools.


Furthermore, it has a live-updating price feature that allows you to estimate the cost of the overall project. Lastly, you can get a free consultation and even get your closet designed by top experts in the industry.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the software itself is loaded with features, it’s hardly the most intuitive tool. We especially did not like the small texts on the page and the automatically changing elements on the customization screen. Nevertheless, if you’re a patron of Home Depot, we’re sure you can benefit from using this software.

  • Wall customizations allow users to view in different setups
  • Users can pick from plenty of drawer style options
  • Includes both floor and wall-mounted options
  • Provides a free consultation as well as professional services
  • Not the most intuitive software
  1. Sketcharm – Closet Design on iPads

Sketcharm was developed in the University of Ourense, Spain, and is one of the finest freely available closet design software. Simply put, you can build your dream closet within minutes and experiment with a whole bunch of features to give it a more realistic look. So, if that sounds perfect, get on board with this one right away.

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, Sketcharm is available for free download on the iTunes store. That said, it’s a tool meant for concept-driven 3D designing, enabling users to build a fully customized closet in a few clicks.

You just need to follow some simple steps. And voila! Your closet is ready. Furthermore, the app allows users to virtually place the closet inside a room. Also, you get to organize the storage space and add customized doors to complete the look.


You can view the final result in 3D, which instantly makes it more lifelike and easily perceivable. What makes it even more viable are the video tutorials on the main website, which helps you get a better grip on the tool. Lastly, you can even save and share the images, so you can easily use the reference of your digital blueprint.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The app is designed for Apple devices only and thus caters to a niche group of users. We would have liked it better if it was more inclusive that way since even Android users could benefit from this handy app. That aside, it’s still a great software that can truly bring alive the inner artist in you.

  • App is meant for concept-driven 3D designing
  • Allows users to virtually place the closet inside a room
  • Effortlessly organize storage space and add customized doors
  • Video tutorials available on the main website
  • Designed for Apple users only
  1. Easy Track

Easy Track is an excellent online service that allows you to design and place an order for your closet. It’s pretty easy to use, and as such, you don’t need a CAD background to figure out all the features and functionalities. Therefore, this is an excellent option that will perfectly cater to your storage needs.

Why Did We Like It?

Easy Track provides users with ‘organization kits’, so you can mix, match, and add whatever you like. Once you pick the right kit, you can accessorize and customize the closet arrangement in a way that streamlines storage and accessibility.

Whether you need drawers, hanger beams, or baskets, all of it is available on Easy Track. After assembling the closet, you have the option to generate a shopping list. You may get in touch with a local Easy Track retailer to buy all accessories from one destination.


Honestly, this is quite hassle-free and convenient, in the sense that the app also connects you with reliable vendors. In case you want to install the unit yourself, take a look at the tutorial video available on the site for detailed, step-by-step instructions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We would have liked it better if the designs could be shared online via email or other mediums. While this is not a deal-breaker per se, many users prefer a platform that enables downloading and sharing. So, if you’d rather send the final design to others before coming to a decision, look for an alternative app.

  • Users can mix, match and add accessories to pre-loaded kits
  • Visit local Easy Track retailers for one destination purchase
  • Installation tutorial video available on the website
  • Allows users to streamline closet space
  • Designs cannot be downloaded or shared online
  1. SmartDraw

We are halfway through our list, and now is a good time to introduce SmartDraw, an all-time favorite app among design communities. Once in a while, you can find a platform that enables you to free-style and experiment with multiple design techniques. SmartDraw perfectly fits that description, allowing you to design like a pro.

Why Did We Like It?

SmartDraw gives your design project a professional look, even if you’re using the app for the first time. It’s simple, effective, and reliable, which is a major win-win when you want to create closets for free.


The first step is to choose a template or a cabinet plan that fits your requirements. If you’re an amateur designer, this is an excellent place to start as you don’t need to work on a blank canvas. After that, you may incorporate shelves, drawers, racks, lighting, and other features to your closet layout.


Furthermore, you can even collaborate with your team and work on the designs simultaneously. You can share your files via Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Other than that, you can even send files to non-users by emailing links.

Besides, SmartDraw is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones, regardless of the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, and MAC). Lastly, you can even save, download, and share files in PDF and PNG formats for easier access.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We’re very impressed with this handy app and all that it offers to the tech-savvy generation. However, if there was one thing we had to point out, it would be the fact that you cannot order designs. Most other sites and apps allow you to directly place an order or contact with 3rd party vendors.

  • Users can choose from multiple templates and cabinet plans
  • App allows you to add shelves, drawers, racks, lighting, etc.
  • Compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones and with any OS
  • Save, download, and share files in PDF and PNG formats
  • Users cannot place orders from the app
  1. elfa by The Container Store

Nobody understands your storage needs as well as you do, except of course, elfa. This convenient design tool calibrates data furnished by users and produces plans and designs as per requirements. That said, you’ll enjoy using this online service if you prefer adding a personal touch to your closets and cabinets.

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, elfa includes a wide range of design templates so you can find something for your specific purpose. You don’t want a large bedroom cabinet in your guest space and vice-versa. With elfa, you can find the right storage solution and even add features as per your taste.


The right closet is all about dimensions, and that’s the first step to creating your customized unit on this platform. Simply put, you have to input the dimensions of your ideal storage, but if you’re not too sure about the specifics, refer to the measuring guide.

After that, elfa generates a design considering all the information provided. You may either use this layout or customize each closet wall. The best part is that you can pick a template based on storage style (shoes, long hang, short hang, etc.)


Once you’re satisfied with the final model, you can place an order and get the closet delivered. Alternatively, you can collect it from a nearby store.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Elfa is the perfect place to brainstorm and give form and shape to your designs. But the only downside to it is that they don’t do walk-in closets. So unless that’s what you’re primarily looking for, we suggest using this online tool to find the most suitable configuration that can optimize your storage space.

  • Allows users to work with multiple dimensions
  • Wide range of design templates with a focus on storage style
  • Users can customize each closet wall as per requirements
  • After placing an order, the closet can be delivered or collected
  • Cannot create walk-in closets
  1. Microcad Autoclosets

This app is created by the makers of Microadd closet design software, a reliable tool for storage space designers and manufacturers. Therefore, you can expect top-notch storage solutions within a few minutes. So, if you want to build an elaborate setup for your home needs, we suggest using this option.

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, it’s super easy to use and learn, so you won’t be spending a lot of time figuring out what goes where. With Autoclosets, a unit is built using the wizard approach, where the software allows you to pick from a series of options.

Basically, the app guides you through every step until you create the final design. It’s almost like building a closet in real-time, which is quite helpful when you want to involve your clients in the designing process. This way, you can incorporate every small detail they want, without missing out on any other aspects.


Furthermore, this app can be linked with autodecco and autokitchen, enabling 3D, colored rendering of the closet. To make it even more realistic, users can also customize materials, colors, lights, etc. Lastly, Autoclosets generates a report containing all technical information necessary for the proper integration of the closet.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Autoclosets is a design tool only and does not allow users to place orders. This is a major downer considering that it facilitates multiple customizations and even provides results in 3D. In case you want to use this app, share the auto-generated report with a closet maker so you can get exactly what you want.

  • App guides you through every step in designing a unit
  • Renders colored, 3D images for realistic representations
  • Users can customize materials, colors, and lights
  • Generates a report containing all relevant technical information
  • Does allow users to place an order
  1. IKEA PAX Planner

Like Home Depot, IKEA also has their own closet designer, and we must say it has some of the trendiest options on the market. We understand the need for storage facilities around the house, but wouldn’t it be perfect if your wardrobe also seamlessly synced with the existing decor? We know your answer, and that’s why we recommend this planner.

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, the IKEA PAX Planner is truly ahead of the curve, offering a collection of modern closets designed for the busy homeowners. Since we all have individual needs and requirements, it’s only fair to use a platform that caters to personal tastes.


IKEA completely understands this bit, and hence, allows users to pick from the ready-made suggestions and customize accordingly. What’s surprising is that you can even build from square one; however, you need to work with PAX Corpus in that case.

While there are certain basic system requirements for the software to work, it’s relatively straightforward and does not demand in-depth technical experience. Users can customize the dimensions, color, and type of interior organizers best suited for their purpose.

Plus, you may accessorize the unit in a way that enhances accessibility and style. Once you’re done with the design, simply place an order and trust IKEA to deliver the best results.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Unfortunately, the software suffers from some glitches and may crash once in a while. Honestly, it’s annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of a design. We would have liked it better if the software was better maintained and didn’t have such issues. However, it’s still worth your time since you get to directly place an order with a reliable brand.

  • Offers modern closet designs for the busy homeowner
  • App allows you to both customize and build from scratch
  • Users can choose dimensions, color, and type of interior organizers
  • Software enables users to directly place an order
  • Software may crash once in a while
  1. Closet Organization Ideas

This is not exactly a closet designing app; nevertheless, it deserves a place on our list for all the inspiring ideas. That said, a storage unit is not just about its utility. In fact, whether a closet is suitable for a given space depends on multiple factors, and some of us need a little guidance in that area. If you’re also thinking along the same lines, this app is ideal for you.


Why Did We Like It?

The Closet Organization Ideas app does exactly what it says – gives you ideas about designing closets and streamlining storage. When looking for a unit, you must also make sure that it perfectly fits in the chosen space and complements the existing decor.

Thanks to this app, you can preview your closet in multiple setups and learn different ways to organize your belongings. Honestly, space management is an art, and sometimes we could use all the help available.

That said, the type of closet you need, be it reach-in or walk-in, solely depends on how you want to keep your clothes and accessories. For instance, some of us prefer hanging beams, while others want box-shaped organizers for folded garments. Nevertheless, this app provides you with hundreds of images, so you can find what works best.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The app is ad-intensive, and the pop-ups can be irritating at times. However, that aside, it’s a fun place to get your storage sorted. So, if you’re not too sure about using a designing app or software, we suggest using this option.

  • Suitable for homeowners looking for closet ideas
  • Users can get inspired by hundreds of images
  • Great alternative to hard-core design tools
  • Allows users to experiment with multiple setups
  • App is ad-intensive
  1. Home Design 3D

The Home Design 3D app is suitable for professional designers, given its full range of features and functionalities. However, it’s a free platform, so beginners, as well, can experiment with the different tools available. If you’re up for a little challenge and want to build your closet from scratch, install this app right away.

Why Did We Like It?

As evident from the name, this app is primarily used to design homes, using 3D technology. However, it also includes home decor and interiors, and hence, you may use this platform to create wardrobes and closets.

For the best results, we suggest recreating the room where you want the closet. This way, you can get a preview and determine how it will all look. Likewise, you can personalize your unit’s color, position, accessories, and material to build something that blends with the overall look.


Furthermore, thanks to photo-realistic rendering, you can even virtually visit your creation through a digitally immersive experience. Besides, if you can simplify your project by importing plans, you don’t have to create a template from square one. Also, since it supports cross-platform compatibility, you may export the projects to other devices and share them via file hosting services.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We are, for most parts, satisfied with the performance of this app and do not have any complaints regarding its features. However, if you want higher customizations, you have to subscribe to one of their paid plans. That said, the free version should suffice for beginners as there’s a lot to learn and experiment with.

  • You can import plans to simplify your design project
  • Photo-realistic rendering enables a digitally immersive experience
  • Cross-platform compatibility allows users to export project to other devices
  • Designs can be shared via file hosting services
  • For higher customizations, users have to subscribe to paid plans
  1. EZ Closet + Closet Design

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we’d like to finish off with EZ Closet + Closet Design. This is another app that will interest new-generation users as it includes some excellent design features currently in demand. It may not be top of the line, but it’s a good place to start if you’re a creative person.

Why Did We Like It?

Your closet speaks a lot about your style and organization skills. In fact, it’s a key aspect of your interior decor, so you gotta ensure that everything is in line. Therefore, you can rely on EZ Closet to guide you while building the perfect unit, and as such, they offer different configurations based on user requirements.


Furthermore, you get to customize everything, including color, material type, door design, and mode of storage. To ensure better understanding, the closets are graphically represented, so you know exactly what goes where.

In case you want separate space for your accessories and shoes, you can design the model in a way, so that there’s sufficient storage for all your belongings. All in all, it’s exceedingly handy and does not take up a lot of device memory. Long story short, you can run the app without any interruptions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite its practicality, EZ Closet may not live up to your expectations in terms of design options. It has a very limited collection, and there’s little room for improvement. Therefore, it’s best to look for other options once you have moved on from the beginner stage.

  • Offers different configurations based on user requirements
  • Users can customize color, material type, door design, etc
  • Enables users to create separate spaces for individual storage
  • App does not take up a lot of device memory
  • Limited options in terms of design

Closet Design Software FAQ

  1. Why should I use a closet design software?

First of all, there are many free options, and you could save several dollars you’d otherwise spend on hiring a designer. Also, these platforms help you form a better idea as to the type of closet you want and what will work best in any given space.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid all the hard work of designing from scratch, you can use templates and personalize them.

  1. Which closet design software should I use?

There’s no straightforward answer to this, but we can guide in choosing better. The software that’ll work best depends on your skill level, design requirements, and technological prowess, among other things.

For instance, Easy Track, elfa by The Container Store, Home Depot, and EZ Closet + Closet Design are recommended to design novices. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more complexities and challenges in your projects, we suggest using ClosetMaid, Closet Organizers USA, Sketcharm, or Home Design 3D.

  1. Can I share my design?

Unfortunately, not all free apps allow you to share the final project. Also, certain apps allow you to export or share links only when you have a paid subscription. In case this a necessity, make sure to look for the download/share option before you start designing.

  1. Can I directly place an order?

Some apps on our list allow users to directly place an order while others connect you to third party vendors. For instance, Home Depot, IKEA PAX Planner, elfa by The Container Store, and Closet Organizers USA facilitates direct orders. On the contrary, Easy Track, SmartDraw, and Easy Closets enable users to contact reliable vendors.


Final Words

That’s all from us!

We hope you could find the best tool to create perfect closets for your storage needs. But before we sign off, we would like to share a few tips. When deciding on a software, check its compatibility and system requirements.

By now, you already know that some apps are meant for specific OS only. So, in case you want to access your project through multiple devices, or share your layouts, make sure that the system supports the software.

Also, many apps claim to be ‘free’ but ask you to subscribe when you need to use certain features. Watch out for these loopholes and find what’s genuinely free.

On that note, we’d like to take your leave. Till next time!

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Aida Vasquez
Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity.
Aida Vasquez
Aida Vasquez
Aida has been part of Architecture Lab ever since 2011 when she started ghost writing for the website on art and design topics, today she is our veteran design contributor, covering a wide array of topics that fuel her creativity. Highlights Aida is the first design contributor of Architecture Lab since 2011 She surges writing inspiration from real life as an avid architecture-art seeker always on the move She reviews and writes about products that she deems "cool enough" Experience Aida has been writing for Architecture Lab for almost 12 years now, writing about anything and everything in the art and design niche, every piece she writes she aces with extraordinary attention to detail and a mountain of research to back it up. When asked what drives her curiosity in realm of design Aida replied that: " Every object is the thought process of its creator at a given point in time, often the result of a years struggle that we get to enjoy so casually, we should never overlook the effort our fellow peers, even if it comes in absolutely stupidly mediocre design." Education Aida is a graduate of ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Porto
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