Patrik Schumacher, Ben-van-Berkel and Karim Rashid to Judge Eurasian Prize 2021-2020


Patrik Schumacher, Ben-van-Berkel and Karim Rashid have joined the judging panel for the 2021-2020 edition of Eurasian Prize, which is open to enter.

The Eurasian Prize Awards Program is a globally targeted initiative which welcomes participants from all countries. Eurasian Prize highlight the best architecture, urban development and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing the most outstanding work. For the last fifteen years, the Eurasian Prize Awards have provided a one-of-a-kind chance for architects and designers to evaluate their skill, expertise and calling. The statuettes and certificates, awarded to the best professionals and the most promising emerging talents, have helped them gain international acknowledgement and competitive advantage. Nowadays the Eurasian Prize initiative continues to fulfill its mission, providing new opportunities and perspectives.

Eurasian prize 2019 2020

Architects, designers, technologists, building contractors, architectural bureaus, design studios, manufacturers are invited to enter the professional competition program. As a student of an industry-specific school or experienced design enthusiast, you are offered a unique opportunity to get an independent expert evaluation of your skill, knowledge and talent.

Eurazianprize2018logo Entries are already open for Eurasian Prize 2021-2020, with discounted entry fees until 31 August 2022. Find out how to enter and start work on your entry now. 

Principal of the architecture practice Zaha Hadid Architects Schumacher,  will be judging alongside Studio FR-EE, founder Fernando Romero on this year’s architecture panel, which already includes world famous designer Karim Rashid, French architect Manuelle Gautrand and Founder UNStudio prof. Ben-van-Berkel.

Jürgen Mayer H., Founder / Principal J. MAYER H.&Partner, honored  Indian architect Sanjay Puri and Head of  Design-Architecture HASSELL studio Ben Duckworth have also been added to the lineup of judges for the urban development, architecture and design awards programme.

Other new additions to the judging panel include Parisian architectural practice Oxo Architects founder Manal Rachdi, Dang Qun, the Principal Partner MAD Architects, Sanjay Puri, the Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects and British architect and designer Chris Godfrey, global principal of HBA Residential.

The entry deadline for Eurasian Prize 2021-2020 is 25 December 2022.

You can start work on your entry now, by registering or logging into your account at