Perka’s New Headquarter Completed

Perka's New Headquarter Completed

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Perka's new headquarter completed

Fogarty Finger Architecture recently completed a New York City headquarters for Perka. (Perka helps businesses build deep, lasting relationships with customers over their mobile phones, by providing loyalty marketing programs).

Perka's new headquarter completed

The architects designed a duel-functioning workspace for Perka to utilize for both work and events. The office is located on the top floor of 131 Varick Street in Hudson Square, complete with a roof deck for seasonal entertaining.

Perka's new headquarter completed

The main themes for the space were collaboration, comfort and entertainment, designed to have a more inviting, residential “working-from-home” vibe, but also serve as a space to host events and industry meet ups.

Perka's new headquarter completed

Some of the architect’s favorite elements of the space are below:

  • Bamboo flooring throughout the space create a more residential and inviting look.
  • The Plaza room- the largest open room where all events are hosted. Roof access is available from this room as well. A full functioning pantry located adjacent to the Plaza can accommodate catering needs for events.
  • Perka's new headquarter completed

  • Large windows for spanning views of 1 WTC and the Hudson river.
  • Two entrances – one entrance for employees and one for guests. Guest entrance has access to the Plaza, restrooms, pantry and roof deck (all public spaces)
  • Walls with chalkboard and marker board for creative expression or working sessions


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