Pop-up village in south-east London to house homeless families

Pop-up village in south-east london to house homeless families
The pop-up village in Ladywell. Lewisham council has 9,135 households on its waiting list for homes / © Martin Godwin

Place/Ladywell temporary homes project is Lewisham council’s solution to housing people in B&Bs

A council in south-east London has created what it describes as “the UK’s first pop-up village” to house families who are forced to live in B&Bs in other parts of the capital.

Rapidly rising property prices and rents, combined with the loss of social housing through right to buy, have put councils under growing pressure to find new ways to help people off their housing lists.

In Lewisham one solution is a £4.3m scheme to provide 24 homes and 880 sq m of business space that can be picked up and moved at a later date, allowing the council to make use of vacant brownfield land while longer-term projects are finalised.

The Place/Ladywell project is taking place on the site of an old leisure centre that will eventually be used for a mixture of social and private housing and a new school. But with the planning process notoriously complicated and long, the local council decided to put the area to use for temporary homes. Just over a year after planning was granted for the temporary village, the cluster of two-bedroom flats is almost complete and the first tenants should move in in June. […]